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"Hi! I'm Sarah Gregory! Welcome to your custom video information page!"

So... Would you like to see your personal spanking fantasy made professionally for you to view any time?

Please take a look at my personal fetish site Sarah's Fetish Play as I also make more personalized films away from spanking.
You will see the FULL RANGE of what I am capable of making... please feel free to write to me for more specific fetishes.
I have amazing support behind the scenes from my experience running many websites to get film projects completed and can call
upon any number of models to fulfill your fetish fantasies! (here are my full list of spanking sites below).

Sarah Gregory Spanking - Momma Spankings - AAA Spanking - Cheerleader Spankings - POV Spanking - Intimate Spanking - ABDL

I can cover spanking as a top or bottom: I also make Femdom, severe/sensual punishments & some of the best caning films ever produced!

NEW UPDATE: Go to this page HERE for the type of sets I have available at my fantastic location at no additional cost to you. This is where Strictmoor Academy is filmed and there is 4600 sq feet of space including our dedicated basement which has just been refurbished. Want a 1950's or period feel? A genuine school classroom setting, period fixtures and fittings add to authenticity. I also cater to more fetish scenarios, a Medical Room and equipment, BDSM furniture and more!

Background: If you are still reading, then you will know I am a top spanking producer with only the best camera, lighting & editing capabilities to make your personal fantasies come true. Would you want to write your own script for me to act out? I excel at this & have made many longplay feature length films. To submit your custom video request, write to me at: Nothing is considered too small and prices for short clips are very reasonable. Making custom videos has been one of my favorite services that I have been able to offer recently. It has fast become important to me as my name/brand gets out there that I'm not like any other spanking/fetish model/producer - you really are getting one of the best & most experienced in this genre with top of the range equipment & a back up team with attention to detail like no other! (see some of my testimonials at the bottom of this page).

The Cost: A custom video depends on the content (solo or multiple models) - the amount of time it takes to film, the severity of the spanking/punishment scenes
or something I consider a premium such as something more explicit etc. Addional costs include any props or wardrobe that I do not already own & complicated plots & scenarios that require much more editing time.
I am also aware that some of you want total exclusivity for YOUR OWN viewing only (not to be broadcast on the Interwebz) but many of my satisfied customers allow me to show them on my various sites later: The second method is often preferred Why? As it is considerably cheaper!

Location: I am located in the New England area - so this is where I film, primarily. SEE MY TRAVEL SCHEDULE - However, as you see, I do travel extensively throughout the USA (mainly Texas, California/ Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago/Illinois and Southern Florida). I also have extensive contacts in the UK so if there are specific English models/girls that you want me to film or appear alongside, this may also be possible. (Just ask!)

Video Information: All videos are filmed in HD1080/60 (that's fantastic quality at 60 frames per second clarity) & are delivered in the format of your choice. MP4, MOV, or WMV (framerate for this last format might vary). Turnaround time is super fast for shorter/simpler projects! My prefered method is to upload your video data via an upload folder link (such as Dropbox or WeTransfer) as soon as they're finished - it's that easy! If you would like a DVD sent to your address at no additional charge (as a back up) then I can do this as well.

Current Models available for custom video work - below
If you click on any profile pic it leads to a full file image so you can see them in more detail - Click name title for their Twitter profile (if available)

Local models in my area of the East Coast USA (CT, MA, NY, NJ, PA) that I can call on - see choices below or ask for a model if not shown.
Sarah Gregory (Switch)
Lily Swan (Switch)
Lyra Skye (Bottom)
Amy Fox (Bottom)
Alice Payne (Switch)
Ami Mercury (Bottom)
Raven McKenzie (Bottom)
Mandie Rae (Bottom)
I also work with models out of state or they can fly in (flight costs must be covered) see choices below or ask for a model if not shown.
Our latest custom performers are added at the bottom of this page
(we are updating profiles to include Twitter accounts or links of where they have active social media - this is not completed yet).
Snow Mercy (Switch)
Sky Terrapin (Switch)
Clare Fonda (Switch)
Casey Calvert (Switch)
Apricot Pitts (Switch)
Ava Nyx (Bottom)
Cara Day (Switch)
Kiki Cali (Switch)
Riley Haze (Switch)
Delta Hauser (Switch)
Ava Nicole (Bottom)
Lola Anderson (Switch)
Rachel Adams (Bottom)
Sunny Days (Switch)
Stevie Rose (Switch)
Nuna Starks (Bottom)
Dolly Mattel (Bottom)
Luci Lovett (Switch)
Madison Swan (Switch)
Andy Moon (Bottom)
Nyssa Nevers (Bottom)
Sophia Quinn (Bottom)
Maddy Marks (Bottom)
Harley Havik (Switch)
Ten Amorette (Switch)
Luna Lain (Bottom)
Jordana Leigh (Bottom)
Minxggrl (Switch)
Arielle Lane (Switch)
Sage Pillar (Bottom)
Ella Raine (Switch)
Kelly Payne (Top)
Tiana Irie (Switch)
Xena (Bottom)
Destiny Dacosta (Bottom)
Lily Thot (Bottom)
Elizabeth James (Switch)
Kim Chi (Bottom)
Briella Jaden (Bottom)
Gigi (Bottom)
NEW Goddess Jess (Bottom)
NEW Lexi Holland (Switch)
NEW Dani Synclair (Switch)
NEW Ziva Fey (Switch)
A list of UK/European performers I can call upon for your custom videos
Lola Marie (Switch)
Charlie Ten (Bottom)
Lucy Lauren (Switch)
Violet Haze (Switch)
Faerie Willow (Bottom)
Dolliiy (Bottom)
Ash May (Bottom)
Mila Rae (Bottom)
Irish Essie (Switch)
Alora Lux (Switch)
NEW Lady Jose (Top)
NEW Matilda Caesar (Bottom)
NEW Miss Iceni (Top)

Please email me at if you are a model who would like to be put on this page (as a local girl to New England) or one that could be flown in &/or when traveling across the country. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all performers filming with us must be fully vaccinated at time of filming or have an up to date negative test certificate/and or be willing to isolate at our location in Massachussets after taking a test until the result is known. All those on set will have been tested and are practicing safe social distancing guidelines, mask wearing etc with the public at large.

Please ask me in advance for any girls you want me to work with, many are busy or have other schedules outside of our fetish lifestyle. Send me an email - if you're willing to cover travel expenses - ANYTHING is possible - I have lots of customers who do just that to get the top quality films and clips that they want!

THINGS I WILL NOT PERSONALLY DO: These include personal M/F sex & penetration on camera, if you ask this then your request will just be ignored as it will show you have not been reading my page. I will film up to explicit, personally, depending on the nature of your request. Please be respectful of my limits, thank you.

Some custom videos (large and small) that I’ve completed:
CLICK HERE In this epic film, we flash back to the 1950s when discipline in the family home was very common. Times were different back then for sure & you will see some examples of this here. Sarah is sent to stay with her strict Aunt Dana since breaking multiple rules. She spends a week with her aunt & cousin. She really sees how things are dealt with when rules are broken & the girls are naughty. Being there also brings back memories of hearing & seeing her cousin being disciplined as we see flashbacks of her memories played out. Through Sarah's narrations, we can hear exactly what is going through her head as she tells us this story; the story of her stay with strict Aunt Dana & cousin Anthea with the many spankings & punishments. This video also includes hairbrush spanking, canings, & double mouth soaping scenes.
CLICK HERE Coach Gregory spanked 2 slackers Joelle Barros
& Lily Swan. They broke uniform rules wearing colored panties. She spanked them including painful humiliating wedgies, as she pulled the cotton cloth up tight inside their cracks, spanking them hard. But they also spotted she was wearing a thong & turned the tables on their coach doing the same thing back to her!
CLICK HERE Watch me blow up my inflatable whale & alligator. I blow them up with strong hard breaths. Then I play with them both as I grind on them, kiss them, & hold them. My pussy gets all wet & I am so turned on. I love that you are watching me!

My Testimonials: Genuine responses (I ask for feedback) on what some recent customers had said about their varied projects.

This testimonial section will also be updated & I may add a seperate page for this since I now film many custom videos.

  • Adam - First off let me say that working with Miss Sarah on my custom video was an absolute pleasure! Her attention to detail is remarkable! She made sure that every single thing that I requested was addressed and implemented exactly how I had planned it. The results were fantastic! Best custom video by far! Production quality is top notch. Lighting, camera work, everything just far exceeded any of my expectations! The dialogue throughout the video was like someone was reading my mind! Miss Sarah is such a sweetheart and I would love to work with her on a future project!
  • C. - (For a recent caning custom) Sarah is an exceptional communicator. Her timely and full emails allowed us to go into great detail in order to produce exactly what I wanted. Her eye for detail made it possible to come up with the perfect cast, location, props etc. She is prepared to go the extra mile and there is no "that will do" attitude.  Sarah's approach throughout the whole process meant that I always knew that I would receive the excetionally high quality video that was produced.
  • John - I absolutely loved the video you made for me. Great POV and you are stunning! Thank you so much and your camera person did a great job!
    The clip is perfect, thanks again and I'm very happy with this video and working with you as I have been a fan for many years. How Dare You!
  • Wedgie Fan Matt - “I loved the video you and the girls gave each other good hard wedgies and spankings. I loved the way all of you looked in your panties. I will definitely be coming back for more customs from you!" Cheergirl Spankings & Wedgies
  • Ron - “Wow. I have to say that was probably the best custom I have ever ordered. You looked amazing and the way you talked to me was fantastic. Absolutely amazing. I want to order another one." (*This was a private commission but something similar is here I also made) Femdom J.O.I.
  • M. - “Film is stunning - great acting from all just from these photos I can see you've raised things to another level. I'm trying to work out why this has raised things to a new level. I think it's obviously a fabulous cast and a great location does make such a difference to the atmosphere. Above all though, I think it's the attention to detail that you've put in... the clothing, the hair, the desks, chairs, books etc" Feature Film previews - available here
  • Jason - I asked you to provide me with cold canings, disciplinary hard caning clips and plots to match my expectations and personal fantasies. I am a private man but when you asked me for feedback I wanted to say just how good you really are. You exceeded my expectations and I have been back 3 times, as you know, to fulfill more requests. You and your group of special people are outstanding, you asked me not to name names so I won't but you are by far the best at this work! I can't praise your work high enough and am prepared to pay to keep this my own private fantasy, thank you so much Sarah. I hope this was praise enough?" (*Private commissions - prices for these are my commercial rates and are double our normal rates if I can show the content at some stage on my sites)
  • M. - "I think that you've made a classic.Your attention to detail was fantastic, the acting from yourself, Dana and Adriana (perfect reactions) were first class." 1950s Maternal Discipline

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