4 Movies in One, 53 Minutes

Spanked Girlfriend Spanked - Sarah is sitting on the couch when Galas comes home from work. Galas tells her it was a pain in the ass then hurries off to get a shower. Sarah goes to ask her what she would like for dinner and sees a red ass. Apparently Galas had stopped by her ex-girlfriend's house for a spanking on her way home from work. Sarah is not happy. She grabs Galas by the hand and throws her otk for a hard long fully nude spanking on her already red and spanked bottom.

Naughty Flirt - Sarah and her girlfriend Emma are out clubbing. Emma is flirting with all the other girls at the club, but not her girl. When she and Sarah get back home, Sarah starts to pack to move out. She has had enough of her girlfriend flirting with other chicks. Emma asks to be spanked as punishment for her behavior as she begs Sarah not to leave her. Sarah agrees to this and Emma is given one of the hardest spankings she has received.

For Your Eyes Only - Ashley and her girlfriend Sarah are having a private and sexy evening in until Sarah notices that they are being streamed live from Ashley's laptop. No way is Sarah okay with her sex life being put out for others to watch. She takes her girlfriend over the knee for some hard bare bottom spanking to teach her how to respect someone's privacy.

Doing the Naughty - Sarah and Julianne are in a relationship. Sarah is into spanking. So Julianne, being new to spanking, asks her girlfriend Sarah to give her her first spanking.
Cat num: SG00080
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