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Sarah Gregory Spanking is Sarah Gregory's personal spanking website which offers traditional disciplinary spanking, playful spanking, and sensual spanking. My members section features many new faces to the spanking world as well as many other established fetish and spanking stars. I update 5 times a week and we are already up to over 460 full spanking videos. The spanking stories involve females and males and are edited, directed and produced by myself, a girl who has had a spanking fetish for as long as she can remember. Sarah Gregory can be seen not only as a bottom, receiving a good spanking, but also doing quite a bit of topping.


Bella's Thermometer Punishment

Tables Turned Bottoms Burned

In this custom hairbrush spanking film, Bernadette and Clara are close friends... however, there is some behavior Clara wishes to discuss with Bernadette. She invites the good lady over for a discussion about why she is texting her husband and sending sexy photos of herself to him. Bernadette cannot really talk herself out of this one so she admits that she was just having a bit of fun and didn't mean any harm by it all. Clara doesn't see it that way and prepares to take out her frustration on Bernadette's bare bottom with her hand and hairbrush. Bernadette is humiliated to be over the knee of her friend and treated like a naughty little girl. When Clara feels that a proper lesson has been learned, she tells Bernadette to compose herself and get on her way. Well.... turnaround is fair play and a few weeks later, Bernadette confronts Clara about the exact same naughty texting behavior with her own husband! Clara doesn't have any excuses either! Now, it is her turn to know just what it feels like to be caught red-handed and then given an equally red, glowing bottom in the same humiliating fashion that she had relished dishing out not too long before.

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Blairgowrie Blush

Helen the Housekeeper decides to cut some of her boss's precious Blairgowrie Blush roses from his prized bushes to decorate the house. He has told her many times that they are not to be cut and displayed as they are for presentation at prestigious flower shows only. She knows that she should be buying flowers for the house. This is the last straw and if Helen wants to keep her job she will submit to a spanking from her boss. He plans to make her bottom as pink as the special blush roses she has chosen to bring into the house. She is spanked over his knee like a naughty little girl and then bent over for a hard strapping until her bottom is a shameful burning pink.

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Miss Honeysuckle Taught a Lesson

Miss Matthews has summoned young teacher, Miss Honeysuckle, to her office to discuss disciplinary matters. Miss Honeysuckle has lost control of her class and clearly doesn't understand the ways in which discipline is handled at this school. Headmistress is prepared to give her a severe hands-on approach to how she must keep control of the students. Miss Honeysuckle is spanked over the lap of Miss Matthews, without the protection of her undergarments having the skirt fully removed to humble her like she should her students. After the hard hand smacking, she is placed over the desk for a further leather strapping... her bare bottom fully exposed for the mean implement of correction. Now Miss Honeysuckle understands how to carry out the discipline of classroom miscreants, having been treated like one herself, and she will do this properly in the future!

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

This custom film stars Sarah Gregory, Audrey Sugarsmak, and Amy Fox. All three of them work for the same company and Audrey is the deputy sales manager. She confronts Sarah about not making the numbers and being up to company standards. Sarah tries to explain that there has been a lot going on including her sister's wedding. However, Audrey is not having any of it and plans to humiliate Sarah by using a special wooden paddle... as that is how matters of discipline are dealt with. Sarah is so embarrassed to have her smart work pants pulled down by her superior but she knows she has to submit if she wants to keep her job. Sarah's cheeks are parted and bared, inspected and fully exposed by a smirking Audrey so that she can see everything before bending her employee over the desk for a hard paddling with the Company Paddle. Afterward, an embarrassed Sarah is sent on her way rubbing her sore red bottom. Fast forward to a few weeks later... Miss Amy Fox has now been assigned the role of deputy sales manager and Audrey has been demoted. Apparently, her work ethic had been woefully slipping. Audrey comes in surprised that she now has to submit to the same humiliating treatment from the new boss, Amy... who then advises Sarah on how to discipline her in the same embarrassing manner. Karma is a bitch and Audrey soon learns the hard way as she is placed on all fours over the desk, her legs spread and splayed wide, for further intimate humiliation throughout her double wooden paddling punishment.

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Sophia's Office Discipline

Sophia has been called to Mr.Lake's office to discuss her recent work infractions. First, she hasn't been dressing appropriately in the office, and the sight of her dressed rather provocatively proves this point. Secondly, she has been showing up late for meetings and other important work-related engagements. Sophia had signed a waiver stating that she would submit to discipline when needed instead of being fired. So now that time has come and she has a choice: Accept the proper punishment for her misbehavior or leave and get a poor reference. She needs the job so she decides to accept the corrective discipline. Sophia is bent over the boss' desk for a hand spanking across her bare bottom... it jiggles and aches under his firm, measured hand but more is to come. He shows her a long leather strap, something he found on his travels to England, and lets her know that it will sting and be thoroughly unpleasant before administering it to her bare behind. She soon learns an important lesson that she must take her job more seriously if she doesn't want to find herself back in the same position.

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Sarah Spanks Bernadette

In this custom film, Miss Bernadette makes her bottoming debut. Sarah is a parent and Miss Bernadette is a teacher. Sarah has stopped by to discuss the way her daughter has been treated. Miss Bernadette had decided to spank Sarah's daughter without specific written permission. Sarah is clearly very upset and plans to take matters of discipline into her own hands. After some back and forth, Bernadette claims, "someone could use a spanking" and Sarah agrees and takes the naughty teacher right over her lap for a much needed spanking. Bernadette is mortified to be the one over the lap like a naughty little girl getting her bottom warmed. After Sarah feels that a proper lesson has been taught, she tells her to stand in the corner and takes a photo of the poor teacher's red bottom threatening to post it on social media if she dares to spank her daughter again.

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Promiscuous Willow's Tearful Punishment

Willow has been called to Headmistress's office to have a little discussion in showing off her wares to the boys. She was caught at hockey practice lifting her skirt to show off her knickers to the boys. This is very unladylike and of course inappropriate. In this school, the staff take matters of discipline very seriously and Willow is about to receive one of the harshest school punishments from Headmistress yet. First, she is to have the wooden ruler taken to the palms of her hands which so easily lifted her skirt for all to see. When she breaks eye contact after being reminded several times, she gets her poor little face slapped. Now, if she is going to show off her thighs to the boys, she will have those punished with the cane. She is given 6 hard cane strokes to the fronts of her thighs and the backs so she won't want to be showing off to the boys anymore. Willow is left a sore, sorry and sobbing mess to think about her behavior and reflect on how she will be less promiscuous.

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Riley Spanked by Campus Security

Riley was in charge of the freshman sorority pledge which involved adult diapers. Apparently, after running through campus the girls threw them all over the grounds instead of putting them in the proper waste receptacles. Campus Security pays a visit to Riley's sorority house and threatens to have her kicked out unless she submits to proper punishment. Riley reluctantly agrees and goes over his lap for a hard hand spanking followed by 12 stinging swats with Justin the security guard's trusted mean wooden paddle.

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Top Off Bottoms Up

We are very excited to welcome Paula Diamonds to our sites. Paula has been down at the hotel pool on a family vacation and was caught sunbathing topless. When she gets back to the room her stepdad is waiting for her and very upset. She doesn't understand what the big deal is. After a stern scolding about her embarrassing behavior, she is reminded of what happens when she misbehaves in public like this. Paula goes right across his lap for a dreaded and much-deserved spanking. She is spanked over her tight denim shorts, then with them quickly removed revealing a skimpy bikini bottom and of course on the bare bottom. Her bottom quickly turns a deep shade of crimson with stepdad's hard hand. Today, she has learned an important lesson in breaking rules and sunbathing topless.

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