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Sarah Gregory Spanking is Sarah Gregory's personal spanking website which offers traditional disciplinary spanking, playful spanking, and sensual spanking. My members section features many new faces to the spanking world as well as many other established fetish and spanking stars. I update 5 times a week and we are already up to over 460 full spanking videos. The spanking stories involve females and males and are edited, directed and produced by myself, a girl who has had a spanking fetish for as long as she can remember. Sarah Gregory can be seen not only as a bottom, receiving a good spanking, but also doing quite a bit of topping.


Discipline Is What She Needs

Slutty Submissive Punished Again

Cherry Winters has once more disobeyed Mistress by being a little slut and having fun with men! Mistress owns Cherry, especially her pussy, and she is the only one who should be sticking things inside that sweet honeypot. Cherry is also not wearing her collar which infuriates Mistress further. She has had enough of this behavior so it is time to teach her naughty submissive a lesson again! She begins by strapping Cherry's nipples and milky white breasts until they are glowing pink. Of course, other parts of this beautiful submissive's body are also dealt with including her slutty pussy. Mistress strips her girl and then straps her tight, pert bottom until it becomes pink and sore. Cherry is then placed on the couch sitting with her legs spread wide as a leather crop swats her pussy and the strap is used over her inner thighs making Cherry wince in pain. Her punishment ends with a caning on the bare bottom as well as the front of her delicate thighs. Cherry has learned a valuable lesson in respect and being a proper submissive.

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Ziva's Office Punishment

Ziva is on trial at her new job and she isn't making the numbers or the sales. Her language isn't what it should be in the office either, using curse words in front of clients. Her boss, Miss Matthews, had called her into the office to have a discussion about this recent behavior. In the contract that Ziva signed, it stated that corporal punishment can be used when standards are below the minimum expected. If Ziva wants to stay with the company she must submit to physical chastisement from her boss. She agrees and so is bent over the desk and spanked on her pencil skirt, then her pantyhose, panties, and then the most embarrassing part of her punishment; across the bare bottom. The Office Compliance Strap is also used across Ziva's sore, red buttocks which leaves her crying from the painful leather implement. With tears flowing down her face, Ziva promises to do much better in the future.

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Violet Spanked for Shoplifting

Daddy is very disappointed in his girl, Violet. She has been caught shoplifting and came home wearing a new dress that she didn't pay for. Fortunately, the police didn't get involved as it was decided that she was to get a proper spanking at home from Daddy. After a stern scolding, he takes the naughty miscreant over his lap for a very hard hand spanking. She kicks, and squirms but he doesn't feel sorry for her. After the bottom blistering hand spanking the punishment continues as he moves to use the family's leather strap across her bare buttocks. He bends her over the side of the sofa for a good hard strapping on her sore red cheeks. At the end, a sorry-looking Violet is left rubbing her poor aching bottom, contemplating how her previous bad thieving behavior has painful consequences.

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Secretary Spanked and Wedgied

Sarah is waiting in the office lounge on the couch for Lexi, her troublesome secretary. Lexi has come into work late once again and she is also wearing a skirt that is much too short. Sarah confronts her about the repeated lateness as well as all the other mistakes she has been making recently. Lexi tries to defend herself, but her boss doesn't believe the foolishness coming out of her mouth. Sarah tells her that all the other women are complaining in the office about Lexi's inappropriate skirts. Sarah has Lexi show off her skirt and bend over which reveals more than an indecent glimpse of her panties. Sarah now understands what the coworkers had complained about but Lexi starts mouthing off about this. Sarah has heard more than enough and decides to punish her for this and her many other offenses. The boss delights in giving her secretary embarrassing, hard wedgies, including a spanking over her short skirt, tight panties, then spanked by a hard hand with a further super panty wedgie. The humiliating punishment ends with Lexi bent over the sofa, her long legs and bare bottom fully exposed as she receives a few mean swats from a wooden paddle.

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Lyra's Afterschool Detention

Lyra has been asked to stay for an after-school detention with Miss Bernadette who has full reign to do as she wants with this promiscuous slut of a schoolgirl. Lyra has been rude and continues to talk back to her teacher which only proves how badly behaved she is... and it infuriates the educator more. Lyra is shocked to get her face slapped and then dragged by the hair to the front of the classroom for her punishment. She doesn't believe Miss Bernadette is allowed to do this, but she is mistaken, as this type of discipline is reserved for naughty petulant girls like Lyra. She is taken over her strict teacher's lap for a spanking on her bare bottom. She then has her hands strapped red before being bent over and given 12 mean, humiliating cane strokes. She is given 6 on her bottom and 6 on the backs of her thighs to teach her a proper lesson. Lyra is one sad, sorry-looking schoolgirl who learns not to be rude or slutty in uniform... or be able to sit down easily for the next few days!

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Careful What You Wish For

At FetishCon, Dolly and Kiki asked Johnny if he could cane them hard, as they want to be marked. He said, "Alright!" and we decided to make a film about it! They each get 24 strokes broken into two sets of 12. He uses his special "bitey" cane which will be sure to leave lots of deep welts and bruises. The two girls are giddy with excitement for their caning. They wear cute matching outfits and are eager to start... as is Johnny!. Once the caning starts, they immediately realize just how painful this will be and think maybe they made the wrong decision but they still want to see it through competitively as a test of their endurance. They each cry out in pain as the cane strikes their bare flesh. As the title of this awesome film suggests... They should be careful in the future about what they wish for.

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Kat St. James is Back

We are thrilled to have the infamous spanking performer, Kat St. James, making her first appearance again after a 10-year hiatus. In this very special reintroduction, Sarah just had to spank her. There is no plot or roleplay, just two friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time, and both love spanking for the sake of it. Sarah cannot wait to get her hands on Kat’s bottom once more. She enjoys spanking Kat with her hand along with various leather implements. Kat is amazing and proves that she can still take a hard spanking... but of course, she takes great delight in being over Sarah's lap squirming in pain.

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Prison Punishment for Three Inmates

This is a special custom prison punishment film that is over 2 hours in length, showing the build-up and detailed intake, processing, and discipline including the aftermath shots of all three inmates. The female prisoners - Lyra Skye, Riley Haze, and Andy Moon... are overseen by the cruel medical nurse, Sarah Gregory alongside John Osborne, tasked with carrying out the canings. The girls are to take 24 strokes with an authentic Malaysian Prison cane. This implement is unusually long, dense, and thick... designed to inflict maximum punishment when applied severely from the start. Each of the miscreants displays their mugshots and offense as they are sent to the punishment room where the following is carried out. The nurse ties them to the bench before reading out the offenses and sentences to be carried out. The canings are in two sets of twelves... a brief respite from the howling, tears, and welted buttocks that each of the girls receives. By the end, all prisoners are welted, marked from their bottoms to the middles of their tender thighs. Add to this the atmospheric and brooding soundtrack, somber lighting including each and every angle of the cold caning, and facial reactions/side shots... you will not miss a thing!

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Office Consequences for Jess

We are excited to welcome Jess to our websites. This was her first spanking shoot and she really was incredible! Jess plays an employee who is lazy and always shows up late working for Miss Matthews. Part of the lengthy contract she signed at the time of hiring was agreeing to corporal punishment for workplace infractions if she wanted to keep her job. She of course wants to stay with the company (as it's a generous salary) so after breaking the rules multiple times by constant lateness, taking longer lunch breaks and such... she agrees to take a well deserved overdue punishment. She is taken over her stern boss's lap for a hard hand spanking across her bared buttocks which was all rather humiliating. To ensure Jess learns her lesson, Miss Matthews has her bend over, her full round bottom on full display, for her first leather strapping. 

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