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Sarah Gregory Spanking is Sarah Gregory's personal spanking website which offers traditional disciplinary spanking, playful spanking, and sensual spanking. My members section features many new faces to the spanking world as well as many other established fetish and spanking stars. I update 5 times a week and we are already up to over 460 full spanking videos. The spanking stories involve females and males and are edited, directed and produced by myself, a girl who has had a spanking fetish for as long as she can remember. Sarah Gregory can be seen not only as a bottom, receiving a good spanking, but also doing quite a bit of topping.


Sarah's Detention Discipline

Sarah has been called to a "Special Detention" by her teacher, Miss Bernadette. Sarah acts as if she has no idea why she is there. In fact, this brat has only broken just about every school rule and has a really poor attitude... rolling her eyes when confronted about her behavior. Miss Bernadette has plans for this naughty girl! After a stern, no-nonsense scolding, she takes Sarah over her lap for a much-deserved punishment. The hand spanking is carried out over her tight navy regulation knickers and, of course, on the bare bottom. After Sarah is spanked, Miss Bernadette gives her 13 mean biting strokes of the cane which brings a flood of tears falling from Sarah's eyes. She has learned a very hard lesson to respect and follow the School Rules.

Disrespectful Delta Disciplined

Delta is late and Johnny is not happy to say the least. He has booked a helicopter to take the two of them to an important meal with his colleagues. She is making light of the situation and just laughs it off. Not only is she late, but she is not dressed appropriately for a high end evening. She will not be going in the helicopter, instead she is going over the lap where she belongs. Johnny spanks his naughty girlfriend hard with his hand. Then he bends her over and takes off his belt. She is strapped hard with his belt until she is very sorry.

Cara and Ava's Basement Punishment

Previously in "Cara's Cruel Basement Punishment" - Cara was being held captive in evil "Nurse" Bernadette's basement for her own sick and twisted enjoyment. Bernadette has now decided to bring another roommate for poor lonely scared Cara. She introduces the new captive, Ava, to a naked chained up Cara. Nurse Bernadette (as she likes to think of herself) plans to show Ava just how much fun they have, hidden away from prying eyes. She takes both ladies through a series of humiliating punishments for her own warped pleasure. There are bare bottom, spread pussy, and thigh spankings, including yet more leather strappings and canings in the same sore areas. The girls endure a face slapping when they answer back with more croppings, bastinado, hair pulling, nipple torture, and many more unthinkable acts of humiliation for these two sad sorry ladies. Evil Nurse keeps messing with their headspace, altering between being nice or mean when the girls complain. She enjoys keeping them guessing about what will happen next. You will need to see for yourself, but it is safe to say that Nurse Bernadette knows exactly how to get the most embarrassing of punishments dished out to the girls for her own selfish enjoyment.

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Spanked and Caned At Work

Cupcake Sinclair has shown up for her first day on the new job wearing a cute little dress. Mr Lake is far from impressed. This is not the kind of attire that his employees represent his company in. She learns quickly about the companies ways of discipline if she wants to keep her job. She is spanked hard and then given 12 hard cane strokes.

Interview Attitude Adjustment

Sarah has decided to apply for a job at a new fashion design firm. When she gets to the interview, she insists on speaking with the actual manager and not some young intern. Apricot informs this sassy young lady that she is in fact in charge and it is her company. Sarah has a hard time believing that someone so much younger than her is actually in charge and makes this well known. Apricot is shocked at this behavior and decides that if Sarah really wants this job she will take a spanking to adjust her attitude. She takes the bratty interviewee over her lap for a hard hand spanking, first across her panties and then with them pulled down after it becomes obvious Sarah is still not learning her lesson! This is a hot bare bottom spanking scene that ensures Sarah really does learn her lesson when she applies for a job!

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Disobedient Tiana Disciplined

Miss Bernadette has had it with Tiana's rebellious and disobedient behavior in class. She brings her to Principal Lake's office to discuss things with him and how he would like her to be dealt with. After a stern talking to, it is decided that corporal punishment will be the best course of action for this naughty miscreant. Tiana is bent over the table for a hard hand spanking from both her teacher and Principal on her bare bottom. Her punishment then continues with the leather school strap. Each authority figure straps Tiana's bare bottom until she is very sorry and regrets her disobedience.

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Best Friend Bottom Blistering

Maddy is not happy that she got a spanking because her best friend, Lizzy, had lied telling Maddy's parents that it was her idea to sneak out. So Maddy confronts Lizzy about this situation that needs to be resolved the only way she thinks her so-called friend deserves... with an equally painful spanking. Since Maddy got hand-spanked it is only fair that she gives the same treatment back. Friends don't tattle-tale, and to top it off... friends most do not most certainly lie when telling such tales to save their own ass! Maddy spanks Lizzy over her dress, then her cute panties, and just as her parents did, over her bare bottom. This is a humiliating spanking that Lizzy will not forget in a hurry, after all... a punishment like this from your best friend is not something you would expect every day!

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Ava's School Punishment

Ava is pretending to be sick again during school hours. She is brought to the office of Principal Rogers by Nurse Bernadette. In a humiliating way to check if she is really sick, the nurse takes troublesome Ava's temperature the old fashioned way... rectally! Ava is mortified as this is done over the desk of the principal and he is staring right at her as the greased thermometer measures her temperature inside her bottom. When it is confirmed that Ava is healthy with no fever, she is in for a spanking punishment right there, since her bottom is already bared and exposed. She is first strapped by the gloating nurse who delights in scolding Ava and reminding her how embarrassing it is to receive the school's leather strap. As if that wasn't bad enough, the principal uses his stiff, heavy leather paddle (as nurse watches) ensuring the exterior temperature of her bottom is as good as burning! The schoolgirl's yelps confirm that these leather implements get the message across that little liars are never tolerated before Nurse takes a contrite and humble Ava back to class with a very sore red bottom.

Stepdaddy Spanks Sage

Sage is in big trouble this time. She is just sitting in the living room enjoying an iced coffee wearing something extra slutty when her stepfather questions why she is not at school. She has a very rude answer, which is is the way she usually replies to him. He is fed up with her lack of respect and decides to have a "discussion" with his stepdaughter. He scolds her harshly about respecting her elders and not breaking house rules. Then, he takes this rude brat right over his lap for a much-needed spanking. She is spanked over his lap and then bent, squatting over the couch, in an embarrassing position. Only after her bottom turns a burning shade of red does he start to listen to her apologies and the real promise to be good from now on. He leaves her to rub and soothe her sore, well-smacked bottom better.

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Slutty Sorority Girls Spanked

Zoe is appalled at the behavior of the two newest pledges. She walks in on Adriana and Kiki about to really get it on. They are pretty much told that while they are new they cannot do anything unless they have permission from Miss Zoe (head sorority girl). She explains that behavior like this is dealt with spanking punishments. She spanks them both as the other girl must watch. It's even more embarrassing as she then makes them take off each other's panties since that was what they were about to do anyway. Bare bottoms now exposed and vulnerable, Zoe continues to spank the girls before she places them side by side bent over on the couch. Their punishment ends with a hard strapping as their bottoms are stuck out, touching the other, so the girls can feel the other receiving the stiff leather sorority strap. This punishment is humiliating for them both and any thoughts of inappropriate behavior are furthest from their minds after Miss Zoe has dealt with them.

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