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Sarah Gregory Spanking is Sarah Gregory's personal spanking website which offers traditional disciplinary spanking, playful spanking, and sensual spanking. My members section features many new faces to the spanking world as well as many other established fetish and spanking stars. I update 5 times a week and we are already up to over 460 full spanking videos. The spanking stories involve females and males and are edited, directed and produced by myself, a girl who has had a spanking fetish for as long as she can remember. Sarah Gregory can be seen not only as a bottom, receiving a good spanking, but also doing quite a bit of topping.


Bratty Willow's Detention Punishment

Willow has been told to wait in detention after school for her teacher, Miss Bernadette. She is among the most intelligent girls in the class, but her attitude gets in the way. She enjoys making fun of the other students, rolling her eyes during lessons, and acting like a know-it-all. This behavior is unacceptable and Miss Bernadette plans to teach this naughty stuck-up brat an old-fashioned disciplinary lesson. That afternoon... she plans to take Willow through the many various punishments until she gets a sincere apology from the contrite schoolgirl. Willow's punishment includes many face slaps, having her hands strapped, a hard bare bottom spanking followed by six of the best with the cane. By the end of this Detention Discipline, Willow is very sorry and promises to be a far better-behaved young lady in class.

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Spanked Real Estate Agent

Samantha has hired a real estate agent (Lily Swan) to help her find the perfect modern condo with a pool and gym on-site. Instead, she is shown a lovely old-fashioned period home from the early 20th century. Samantha is livid, after all... time is money so how dare Lily waste her time with this viewing. Her needs as the customer are not being met and she will either tell Lily's boss or take it out on her rather attractive behind. Lily protests but ultimately is bent over and taught a lesson the old-fashioned way (after all she chose to show her customer an old-fashioned home). Lily is spanked with Samantha's hand and her dress is pulled up revealing that she is not wearing any panties! It's all rather embarrassing for the young real estate agent as a wooden spoon is also used across her tight, round buttocks until they are a glowing shade of crimson. Samantha gets an apology from a very sorry, sore Lily who is thankful that her boss does not find out!

Burnt Dinner Burned Bottom

Sarah is super excited to be cooking a meal for her sweetie, John... however, things don't exactly go as planned. The broccoli ends up being overcooked and mushy and the fish burns so much that it looks more like charcoal. At first, John assumes she did this on purpose to get a spanking, but that isn't the case as Sarah apparently is just not good in the kitchen. She claims that they at least have cookies to eat but he was looking forward to a home-cooked fish supper and that doesn't humor him at all. He bends his cute "chef" over the sink to spank Sarah over her dress... then he lifts the dress to reveal her cute white panties. He continues to spank her, and naturally, the panties have to come down for a bare-bottom spanking. He uses a plastic spatula and plastic cooking spoon since they are available for him to use. Poor Sarah winces in pain as her bottom stings terribly from the plastic implements. She pouts beautifully and by the end is a very sad and sorry young lady who will be asking for help the next time she "cooks". Interesting fact: This was one of the first films Sarah and John made before they became a real-life couple, watch the chemistry between them in this film... it is really cute!

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Naughty Nurse Punished

Apricot has been a very naughty nurse at the clinic after a long shirt. She brought her Doxy wand vibrator with her to work to use on her break as work can be very stressful! However, she was so busy she had no time and decides to use it after her shift in one of the exam rooms. She thinks everyone has left for the evening and really pleasures herself spreading her legs wide and buzzing her throbbing clit... she is obvious and is enjoying the moment! However, before heading home, the Doctor hears the loud buzzing noise and thinks one of the medical machines is left on. He is shocked at what he sees; instead of a machine turned on, it is a very naughty nurse turned on, masturbating furiously on the exam table. He's an old-school disciplinarian and teaches her a painful lesson, taking her "in hand" over his lap. Apricot is shocked at the difference in sensations she experienced as he delivers a hand spanking that turns her bottom a shameful red. She should know better and her aching, swollen bottom replaces any naughty feelings she had earlier.

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Winter's First Caning

We are excited to welcome Winter Ryleigh to our website receiving her very first caning! Winter has been a very naughty girl who has been sent to Headmistress Matthews to be dealt with and is understandably nervous... having received 3 demerits which means a caning punishment. First, she is soundly spanked over Miss Matthew's lap on her bare bottom before being told to bend over the desk, her bare bottom bared and exposed, ready for her caning. Winter receives six strong, measured sharp strokes of the school's Reformatory Cane that leave visible welts of shame across her quivering cheeks.

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Gigi's Bedtime Spanking

Gigi had been spanked at school and a spanking at school in this house always means she gets one at home as well. On the bright Springtime evening, she is told to wait in her pajamas for an early bedtime punishment from dad. A very nervous girl anticipates what is to come as dad scolds her. She is taken over the paternal knee for a spanking on her already sore bottom. Her bare cheeks quickly redden with the evidence of her earlier discipline at school. Next, she is bent over the bed as the Family Strap, reserved for the harshest of discipline, is shown to her. Gigi's bottom is an inviting target for the following mean leather strapping which leaves her one sore, sorry-looking girl rubbing her aching cheeks. She is left to contemplate the consequences of her shameful behavior before being sent to bed early without any supper.

Lazy Secretary Sarah Spanked

Sarah is a very lazy secretary. She was asked by her boss, Miss Elizabeth, to come in on a Saturday to get the paperwork done that she was behind on. Instead of doing the paperwork, she is laying on the desk scrolling on her phone. Miss Elizabeth enters the room and is extremely annoyed at her employee's lack of work ethic. Sarah acts very blasé about the whole situation as if it is no big deal that she is being paid to do nothing. The infuriated boss takes Sarah over the knee for a good hard spanking across her bare bottom followed by a mean leather strapping bent over the desk in utter shame. A sorry-looking Sarah learns the hard way that lazy behavior in the workplace has very real consequences.

Sarah Spanks Clara

This is a delightful, and playful spanking between two good friends. It's the first time that Sarah spanks Clara on film and it's one not to miss as Clara clearly enjoys the feel of Sarah's hand very much. As the spanking continues, Sarah uses a leather strap... she starts lighter and builds it up, taking her time to turn her bottom a lovely glowing pink. Finally, she asks Clara if she will allow her to take the cane and delivers some beautiful marks to her sore bottom.

Ella's Thermometer Punishment

Ella's babysitter (Sarah) had to pick her up from school early as she said she wasn't feeling well. Sarah knows full well that Ella is just trying to get out of her afternoon coursework. With permission from Ella's parents, she has the perfect punishment in store for this little lying brat. She "needs" to make sure Ella isn't actually sick, so she takes her temperature... rectally! Ella is so embarrassed and cannot believe that this is happening. Of course, Sarah's suspicions are confirmed. Ella is then promptly spanked for her silly lies. She struggles in pain but that only makes the spanking harder and more unbearable. After her bottom is glowing and pink, Sarah has more in store for naughty little lying Ella. The next stop is the nursery room.... if she is going to act like a naughty little girl, then she will be treated as one. She is age regressed by being placed into baby clothes and spanked again but this time with a wooden spoon. After Ella is sore and spanked there is a final humiliation in store as her temperature is taken again up her tight bottom, but with the baby thermometer. She is left to contemplate her foolish behavior and is one sad humiliated, sorry-looking young lady!

Naughty Girlscout Angelica

Angelica has been a very naughty girl for a number of reasons. Firstly, she ate all the thin mints from the boxes that were being sold! Second... she has been hugely disrespectful too often whilst attending the Girl Scouts. Grandpa is upset to have received a phone call from the troupe leader about naughty Angelica's antics. He decides to teach her a valuable lesson taking her over his knee with an old-fashioned hand spanking across her bare bottom. That is not all, Grandpa removes his leather belt and gives the naughty brat a well-deserved tanning on her bared cheeks laid out over the couch. By the end, she is one sorry-looking madame, nursing her sore, bare bottom better!

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