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Sarah Gregory Spanking is Sarah Gregory's personal spanking website which offers traditional disciplinary spanking, playful spanking, and sensual spanking. My members section features many new faces to the spanking world as well as many other established fetish and spanking stars. I update 5 times a week and we are already up to over 460 full spanking videos. The spanking stories involve females and males and are edited, directed and produced by myself, a girl who has had a spanking fetish for as long as she can remember. Sarah Gregory can be seen not only as a bottom, receiving a good spanking, but also doing quite a bit of topping.


Caroline Spanked by Daddy

Caroline is on a family vacation with Mom and Dad. She decided to go out and ignore their rule of staying in her room in the evening. She was flirting with hotel staff, trying to get free drinks, and making a fool of herself. Dad got a call from the staff and he is far from happy with how she shamed the family name. After a stern talking to her, she goes across his lap for a good old-fashioned hard hand spanking. Caroline is first quickly spanked over her skirt before the embarrassment of having her panties exposed and her bare bottom given a harder spanking. She is left to contemplate her naughty behavior nursing a very sore red bottom.

Smitten's Office Discipline

Sarah's new personal assistant, Smitten Sorella, has forgotten to book the flight for Sarah's important business conference. Her only excuse is that it passed her mind and she forgot. She is given two choices; Walk out the door without a decent reference or take the proper discipline from her boss. Smitten knows how disciplinary matters are dealt with here so she chooses the punishment option. She is bent over the desk and given a spanking over her tight skirt, and panties, until the humiliation of having them removed for the spankings to continue across her bare, exposed buttocks. Finally, the leather Reformatory Strap that Sarah was brandishing earlier is used across the employee's sore red bottom. She learns a painful lesson to pay more attention to detail when booking flights and ensuring her boss gets the assistance she requires.

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Don't Get Caught

Willow and Alora tried to skip school and were caught. The one thing their father has always taught them is that if you are going to break the rules, "don't get caught!" They also chose a silly thing to try and get away with (such as pretending to be sick!) - so now they must be punished. They are called into Daddy's Study after their return home from school for the necessary discipline. They are each taken over the paternal lap, one at a time, and spanked over their regulation school knickers before the customary bare buttocks spanking that is traditionally carried out at home. To ensure that his girls learn their lesson, each naughty madam is given six sharp hard licks of leather across their already sore red bottoms with the Family Strap.

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Sarah's Prison Intake

Officer Iceni has arrested Sarah on the charges of Grand Larceny. The arresting officer takes charge of Sarah's intake and derives great pleasure making the rude little madam most uncomfortable. After freeing her from the cuffs, she continues to process Sarah by searching through her pockets and any other areas where she may have hidden any contraband. She finds more hidden jewelry, confiscates the items, and records this for Sarah's later hearing. Sarah is rude and defiant, which earns her a slap to the face with much more punishment promised. After being stripped naked in the most humiliating manner, she is told to bend over... sticking out her round, full bottom for a heavy leather strapping. Miss Iceni gleefully explains that this happens when inmates are rude, and Sarah was precisely that! After a hard punishment from the officer, Sarah is much more contrite when asked to put on her new prison scrubs and follows Miss Iceni quietly to her waiting prison cell.

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Dani Synclair Caned and Tawsed

Please welcome another newcomer to our network of websites with an outstanding debut performance by Dani Synclair in this special custom caning and hand tawsing film. Dani has been sent to the principal, Miss Bernadette, to answer allegations that she had been selling counterfeit goods and fake clothing on campus grounds. With all the evidence to hand, Dani is guilty and Miss Bernadette wants to see the miscreant face to face then informs her that she could be expelled! However, if she is willing... she can accept the following punishment that is explained to her... and will not be light or easily taken. Dani agrees and is sent to another room so that she can undress to take her punishment naked. As explained she would receive a severe caning across her bare bottom. A total of 36 unforgiving strokes of a dense rattan cane are to be administered by John Osborne. The first six are given to her bent over touching her toes. This is humiliating and the poor girl is aware of how vulnerable she feels, bared and exposed. Further embarrassment ensues with corner time before taking the remainder of her severe cane strokes bent over a couch, her bottom perfectly raised for maximum impact. You will catch every angle of the biting strokes and Dani's facial reactions as her bottom becomes increasingly welted. A further punishment of a severe hand tawsing, still naked, follows and she must look her tormentor in the eye as he uses a genuine Locghelly Tawse across her the open palms of her hands. This is most painful and by the end of the tawsing she is finally allowed to rest and take a seat on the clear plastic chair. There is a special angle beneath revealing her poor marked bottom as she tries to soothe her throbbing buttocks with her aching, reddened hands. Connoisseurs of our caning custom work will again appreciate the attention to detail and superb camerawork making this another "Must See" film in this genre!

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Two Cheating Schoolgirls

Sarah and Matilda were caught cheating. Their essays were almost identical and this isn’t the first time this has happened. They are sent to Headmistress Iceni to be disciplined. She interrogates them both but they still will not admit who copied who so they are each spanked over the stern lady’s lap. Headmistress uses the humiliating ritual of punishing each girl over their school pinafore dress followed by a spanking over the tight, full-fitting regulation knickers before the inevitable and embarrassing smacking of the bare exposed bottom. This is carried out while the other girl must watch in horror at what is to come and for the girl receiving the spanking feeling humbled that her fellow miscreant can see everything! The girls still won't admit who copied who so they are put into the embarrassing "Winchester Position" over two chairs for a hard dozen swats from a leather strap. There is added humiliation as one miscreant must hold a heavy book out at arm's length and if they fail to keep the book steady or it falls, an additional two strokes from the mean School Reformatory Strap is added. Naturally, both girls fail to hold the book in position so they both receive the two extra strokes... and now the truth finally comes out as they can not keep up the pretense any longer! They copied old essays from the Library thinking that nobody would know as the texts were so old. With their bottoms sore and red they are told to sit on the chairs, back to back, and write their essays with the added discomfort of sitting on a stinging bare bottom!

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Lexi's Hard Hand Spanking

Lexi has been sent home from the gym for dressing inappropriately and wearing provocative exercise clothing. Her bottom is practically hanging out! Dad got a call about her behavior and is waiting for her to come home so he can deal with her his way. When Lexi arrives home, he lectures and sternly reprimands his naughty girl before teaching her an important lesson with a mean hand spanking that makes her kick and squirm. Her revealing and tight work-out shorts don't provide any real protection so when he pulls them down, it's to embarrass her further. The spanking continues until her bottom is a sore glowing red mess. It only stops when he is satisfied Lexi understands since she had shamed the family by dressing so provocatively in a public space.

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Lying Girl Scout Spanked

Britney has been called over to the house of the Girl Scout troop leader, Miss Bernadette, to discuss certain matters. Britney had decided to forge her mother's signature on the field trip form. Naughty Britney hadn't been keeping up with her coursework so she knew Mom wouldn't allow any day off from school so she lied to her troop leader. It is the job of Miss Bernadette to know everything about her charges and she knows Britney has been telling fibs. She is extremely unhappy with the little lying girl scout, and after a stern lecture, she takes her over the maternal lap for a good old-fashioned spanking. Miss uses her hand at first but soon swats shameful Britney's bare bottom with a trusted leather paddle before having her face the corner in disgrace to contemplate her disobedience. 

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Dylan Learns a Proper Lesson

Dylan (aka Minxgrrl) is very confused when Miss Matthews enters her home, cane in hand. It soon transpires that Miss Matthews is the new British tutor hired by her fed-up parents to teach Dylan how to be a more contrite and proper young lady. Miss Matthews teaches this defiant unruly brat a good old-fashioned lesson with a hand spanking over her lap. Spankings by Miss Matthews are always on the bare bottom which Dylan finds embarrassing but much worse is in store for this madam. She is bent over the couch, her bottom exposed and vulnerable for a hard caning before telling her that she will be going away to a private school where these kinds of punishments will be carried out regularly if she misbehaves as she has done. Dylan is one sorry-looking young lady, left alone to contemplate her future as she rubs her aching, sore red bottom.

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