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Sarah Gregory Spanking is Sarah Gregory's personal spanking website which offers traditional disciplinary spanking, playful spanking, and sensual spanking. My members section features many new faces to the spanking world as well as many other established fetish and spanking stars. I update 5 times a week and we are already up to over 460 full spanking videos. The spanking stories involve females and males and are edited, directed and produced by myself, a girl who has had a spanking fetish for as long as she can remember. Sarah Gregory can be seen not only as a bottom, receiving a good spanking, but also doing quite a bit of topping.


Lazy Secretary Sarah Spanked

Sarah is a very lazy secretary. She was asked by her boss, Miss Elizabeth, to come in on a Saturday to get the paperwork done that she was behind on. Instead of doing the paperwork, she is laying on the desk scrolling on her phone. Miss Elizabeth enters the room and is extremely annoyed at her employee's lack of work ethic. Sarah acts very blasé about the whole situation as if it is no big deal that she is being paid to do nothing. The infuriated boss takes Sarah over the knee for a good hard spanking across her bare bottom followed by a mean leather strapping bent over the desk in utter shame. A sorry-looking Sarah learns the hard way that lazy behavior in the workplace has very real consequences.

Sarah Spanks Clara

This is a delightful, and playful spanking between two good friends. It's the first time that Sarah spanks Clara on film and it's one not to miss as Clara clearly enjoys the feel of Sarah's hand very much. As the spanking continues, Sarah uses a leather strap... she starts lighter and builds it up, taking her time to turn her bottom a lovely glowing pink. Finally, she asks Clara if she will allow her to take the cane and delivers some beautiful marks to her sore bottom.

Ella's Thermometer Punishment

Ella's babysitter (Sarah) had to pick her up from school early as she said she wasn't feeling well. Sarah knows full well that Ella is just trying to get out of her afternoon coursework. With permission from Ella's parents, she has the perfect punishment in store for this little lying brat. She "needs" to make sure Ella isn't actually sick, so she takes her temperature... rectally! Ella is so embarrassed and cannot believe that this is happening. Of course, Sarah's suspicions are confirmed. Ella is then promptly spanked for her silly lies. She struggles in pain but that only makes the spanking harder and more unbearable. After her bottom is glowing and pink, Sarah has more in store for naughty little lying Ella. The next stop is the nursery room.... if she is going to act like a naughty little girl, then she will be treated as one. She is age regressed by being placed into baby clothes and spanked again but this time with a wooden spoon. After Ella is sore and spanked there is a final humiliation in store as her temperature is taken again up her tight bottom, but with the baby thermometer. She is left to contemplate her foolish behavior and is one sad humiliated, sorry-looking young lady!

Naughty Girlscout Angelica

Angelica has been a very naughty girl for a number of reasons. Firstly, she ate all the thin mints from the boxes that were being sold! Second... she has been hugely disrespectful too often whilst attending the Girl Scouts. Grandpa is upset to have received a phone call from the troupe leader about naughty Angelica's antics. He decides to teach her a valuable lesson taking her over his knee with an old-fashioned hand spanking across her bare bottom. That is not all, Grandpa removes his leather belt and gives the naughty brat a well-deserved tanning on her bared cheeks laid out over the couch. By the end, she is one sorry-looking madame, nursing her sore, bare bottom better!

Slutty Submissive's Punishment

Case Cherry and her Mistress, Miss Bernadette, are at a spanking party. Case is supposed to be on her Mistress's arm and only playing with her. Instead, she has disappeared and decided to play with a cute guy. Mistress is less than pleased and plans to mark up her little submissive to show her who she belongs to. Case knows that the punishment won't be the fun and sexy play she usually enjoys and is nervous about what Mistress has in store for her. To begin with, Mistress parts her legs... spreading them wide and her pussy is cropped. After all there won't be any more pleasure for her little cute pussy this evening... just pain. Next, Case is told to stand up, stripped of her remaining clothes, and given a hard strapping with her legs spread again for further humiliation. By now, she knows that her punishment always ends in a caning. Mistress gives an already very sorry submissive 6 strokes of the cane on her bottom and then 6 more welting strokes on the fronts of her soft, milky white thighs. She is forgiven for her naughty behavior and held by Mistress to know that she cares deeply for her.

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Audrey and Sarah's Wedgie Spankings

In this custom film, Sarah is Audrey's mom. She has told Audrey multiple times that thongs are not acceptable to wear. This isn't the first time Audrey has broken this important house rule. Mom catches Audrey on the phone telling a friend that she is going to wear a thong to church and doesn't care what her mom thinks. Mom hears and is very upset. She scolds her naughty girl and then has her show off the thong before taking her girl over the lap for a spanking. she wedgies the thong to make it even more uncomfortable. After the spanking, she has special panties for Audrey to put on. They are big "granny panties" as Audrey remarks. Mommy makes Audrey put them on and spanks her again, she wedgies them to make it like feel a thong if Audrey likes wearing such nasty undergarments. Audrey is put in the corner and given more wedgies which is very humiliating. The next day, Audrey catches mommy wearing a thong and takes photos threatening to blackmail her if she doesn't submit to the exact same treatment. Mommy agrees but is humiliated to have her daughter being the one to spank and wedgie her. She can't believe this is happening and she promises to never do this to Audrey again.

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Bella's Thermometer Punishment

In this custom film, Bella is staying with a good family friend, Miss Scarlet. She really wants to have her boyfriend over for the evening so she comes up with a plan to do this. Scarlet has plans to go out and Bella is meant to accompany her but she claims to be unwell. Scarlet takes her temperature and Bella touches it to the lamp to make it higher to convince the good lady she is actually not well. After Scarlet has left the house, she quickly reveals that she is wearing sexy lingerie under her cute pajamas. She puts on her high heels and goes down to let her boyfriend in. However, .Scarlett had forgotten her phone, returning early and she is livid that young Bella has lied by trying to sneak a boy into the house. She grabs sneaky Bella by the arm to the Living Room and takes her temperature the old-fashioned way; in her bottom, to assure that it will be correct. This is so humiliating and there is no fever... naughty lying girls get spankings and that is exactly what happens. After her bottom is a nice shade of pink she is told to strip, remove the sexy lingerie and change into something more appropriate that Scarlet has in mind. If she is going to act like a naughty little girl, she will have to wear a cute pink onesie! She is marched to the bedroom to put on her new clothes receiving a further spanking, this time with a leather paddle. She kicks and protests but that doesn't stop Scarlet who then uses the baby thermometer again in her bottom but to only further age regress and humiliate poor Bella who is left on her tummy, red bottom in the air with a thermometer poking out of it!

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Tables Turned Bottoms Burned

In this custom hairbrush spanking film, Bernadette and Clara are close friends... however, there is some behavior Clara wishes to discuss with Bernadette. She invites the good lady over for a discussion about why she is texting her husband and sending sexy photos of herself to him. Bernadette cannot really talk herself out of this one so she admits that she was just having a bit of fun and didn't mean any harm by it all. Clara doesn't see it that way and prepares to take out her frustration on Bernadette's bare bottom with her hand and hairbrush. Bernadette is humiliated to be over the knee of her friend and treated like a naughty little girl. When Clara feels that a proper lesson has been learned, she tells Bernadette to compose herself and get on her way. Well.... turnaround is fair play and a few weeks later, Bernadette confronts Clara about the exact same naughty texting behavior with her own husband! Clara doesn't have any excuses either! Now, it is her turn to know just what it feels like to be caught red-handed and then given an equally red, glowing bottom in the same humiliating fashion that she had relished dishing out not too long before.

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Blairgowrie Blush

Helen the Housekeeper decides to cut some of her boss's precious Blairgowrie Blush roses from his prized bushes to decorate the house. He has told her many times that they are not to be cut and displayed as they are for presentation at prestigious flower shows only. She knows that she should be buying flowers for the house. This is the last straw and if Helen wants to keep her job she will submit to a spanking from her boss. He plans to make her bottom as pink as the special blush roses she has chosen to bring into the house. She is spanked over his knee like a naughty little girl and then bent over for a hard strapping until her bottom is a shameful burning pink.

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Miss Honeysuckle Taught a Lesson

Miss Matthews has summoned young teacher, Miss Honeysuckle, to her office to discuss disciplinary matters. Miss Honeysuckle has lost control of her class and clearly doesn't understand the ways in which discipline is handled at this school. Headmistress is prepared to give her a severe hands-on approach to how she must keep control of the students. Miss Honeysuckle is spanked over the lap of Miss Matthews, without the protection of her undergarments having the skirt fully removed to humble her like she should her students. After the hard hand smacking, she is placed over the desk for a further leather strapping... her bare bottom fully exposed for the mean implement of correction. Now Miss Honeysuckle understands how to carry out the discipline of classroom miscreants, having been treated like one herself, and she will do this properly in the future!

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