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Sarah Gregory Spanking is Sarah Gregory's personal spanking website which offers traditional disciplinary spanking, playful spanking, and sensual spanking. My members section features many new faces to the spanking world as well as many other established fetish and spanking stars. I update 5 times a week and we are already up to over 460 full spanking videos. The spanking stories involve females and males and are edited, directed and produced by myself, a girl who has had a spanking fetish for as long as she can remember. Sarah Gregory can be seen not only as a bottom, receiving a good spanking, but also doing quite a bit of topping.


Sunny Spanked Afterschool

Sunny has been sent home from school early as she was found out forging a signature on the permission slip for the field trip. The reason for the forgery is that Sunny knew she wasn't allowed to go since her grades were slipping and she hadn't been behaving at home. Dad is very upset and takes his naughty girl over the paternal lap for a very hard hand spanking. Then she has to go and fetch the Family Strap, shuffling off with her panties pulled down in shame, and return with it to ask him to strap her! She is placed over the couch, bottom stuck out... and given several mean swats of leather across her bare buttocks. By the end, poor Sunny is one very sore and sorry girl.

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Corrective Measures for Case

Case is lounging around in panties and a crop top when Johnny arrives home. She should know the House Rules by now and she is quickly reminded of them on his return: when she is in the Living Room or anywhere else in the house (besides the dungeon) she must wear appropriate clothing. Anyone could see her; The chef, housekeeper, or even other family members. Johnny is not happy at the state of her slutty attire for which the hired help could stumble across. He makes an example of his naughty girlfriend, taking her over his lap for a much-needed, corrective hand spanking discipline. her slinky legs draped across the couch and her reddening bottom do not distract Johnny from the task "in hand". Please welcome Case in her debut spanking performance on our sites... we are sure you will want to see more spankings of her soon!

Kalaisha's School Spanking

Kalaisha has been sent to Principal Bernadette's office for starting a food fight in the cafeteria. This is not only un lady-like but it is against school rules. Kalaisha is given a stern talking to, the she is take over the lap for a hard spanking. Her bottom turns a deep shade of red. Principal Bernadette also uses the school's leather paddle which darkens the color of poor Kalaisha's bottom. After her spanking, she is told to stand in the corner for added humiliation.

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Spanking the Girl Next Door

Justin has caught Anna, the girl next door, smoking and throwing the cigarette butts over his fence for the last time. While smoking in his backyard once again, he confronts her. She shows disrespect and attitude which only fires up Justin even more. He takes her inside to his kitchen, bends her over the table and gives her a good hard spanking. Justin believes that Anna is not really learning her lesson so he removes her panties (and what little dignity she has left) continuing to spank her hard with his hands. She buries her face into the tablecloth and soon, Anna is very sorry and promises never to be this disrespectful to his property again. Before letting her leave, he informs her that he will be telling her parents and that he is sure they will be dealing with her in the same manner.

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Punished for Plagiarizing

Willow has been caught with essays that she found on the internet. Not only is she using these for herself, but she is selling them to other students. Miss Matthews is livid and invites her father in to discuss this with him. He is shocked and agrees to watch her receive corporal punishment at the hands of Headmistress. Miss Matthews gives Willow a good old-fashioned, over the knee spanking which Willow finds embarrassing since it is in front of her father. Further humiliation ensues when the knickers are pulled down and her bare bottom is spanked harder. Next, her plagiarizing palms are tawsed before being given a mean, no-nonsense 12 stroke caning to her bottom and backs of the thighs. This punishment leaves WIllow a sobbing sorry little girl who promises never to be cheating again.

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Slutty Kiki Spanked

Kiki and her boyfriend, Ethan, are on vacation in Las Vegas. They are spending a night out at the casino and Kiki has decided to dress like a slut! They get back to the room as Ethan is very upset with her. After scolding her about her slutty attire, he takes his naughty girlfriend over his lap for a humiliating spanking and paddling. He uses his favorite wooden paddle before spanking her with his hand as he wants to ensure he has her attention. This works... as Kiki hates wooden implements, but Ethan's mean hand is no pushover. He spanks her hard on her quivering bare cheeks, leg locked and without panties, until he is satisfied that she has learned her lesson. Afterward, poor Kiki shows off a well smacked, swollen sore bottom for her troubles.

Veronica's Spanking Intervention

In this custom spanking film, Veronica plays the naughty girl who needs a "Spanking Intervention" from her mother, father, grandmother, and the disciplinarian (Snow Mercy) who they bring in. It is not the first time Veronica has misbehaved as the frequency of her misdeeds is getting out of control. This time, a police officer has called, bringing Veronica back to the apartment where her fate awaits. She is un-cuffed and left there with the deeply upset and disappointed family members who are ashamed of her latest antics. Mom is so distraught that she has to leave the room. Then Veronica sees her nemesis, disciplinarian Snow Mercy, appear from another room... her heart sinks as she remembers their last encounter and the reality of this intervention takes hold. First, dad spanks his slutty dressed daughter hard over his lap. She shows no remorse and her attitude is horrible. Next, Grandmother has a go at Veronica's bottom with the wooden hairbrush. Veronica kicks and screams as her bottom turns red. Finally she is bent over the couch as Miss Snow Mercy takes the leather strap to her aching behind. Veronica is one very sore, very sorry young lady, promising that she will be good and that she has changed her ways for the better. It seems this spanking intervention has worked....or at least for now!

An American Spanked in London

Sarah has been sent by her aunt to England to stay with strict disciplinarian and teacher, Miss Mathews. On Sarah's day of arrival, she is chastised about all her misdeeds while in America. Now, in Miss Mathews's home, she will follow strict rules, wear a uniform, and submit to discipline to better herself. The day starts with an over-the-knee spanking by the maternal top. Sarah is spanked over her regulation knickers, and then on the bare bottom. Of course, she learns that if she is spanked in the day, she is spanked at bedtime. Later that evening, she is changed into a white camisole, white panties, and white socks for another spanking. This time it is not just a hard hand spanking, but the Mason & Pearson hairbrush is also introduced to Sarah's sore bottom. She is then put to bed with a sore bottom and ready for a week of discipline and learning with Miss Mathews.

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Tiana Spanked and Strapped

Tiana had one job around the house, to help clean up in the kitchen. her boyfriend works all day and he also does the cooking. She says she is busy but that is not good enough. She knows how things are handled and that is with a good old fashioned spanking. This is what she gets, she is hand spanked hard and then strapped until she is very sorry.

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Misbehaving Bnb Guest

Jayda has been a guest at Paul's B&B and has broken multiple rules. Paul has been notified by the neighbors that there were 10 cars, loud music, and lots of people partying most of the night. He comes the day of check out, and Jayda is sleeping on the couch surrounded by lingerie and lots of bottles and cans. She hasn't even bothered to use the coasters on the leather and marble surfaces. Paul is very upset and is ready to call the police as well as not refund the security deposit. Jayda pleads with him and asks if there is anything else she can do to make it up. He says she will be cleaning the house... but before that getting a good old-fashioned spanking on her bare bottom as well as a leather belting. She agrees to this as she needs her security deposit back and doesn't want a bad review on the B&B website. By the end of this punishment, Jayda's bottom is a very sore, swollen angry red color. Now she needs to do a lot of cleaning to fully redeem herself.

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