Mommy Spanks Collection (DVDs)

Mommy Spanks Aysel Starring Sarah Gregory and Aysel Zeeling - Mommy is very upset when she has to go and pick up her naughty daughter from the birthday party for being mean to the other little girls. She marches Aysel into the living room for some scolding before taking her over the knee for a spanking. Aysel doesn't want to be spanked, but Mommy doesn't care. Aysel needs to learn the hard way about how to behave.

Mommy Spanks Syrena Starring Syrena and Sarah Gregory - Mom had found cigarettes in Syrena's purse and is not happy. After confronting her daughter, she takes this naughty girl over her knee for a hard spanking with hand and heavy ebony hairbrush until Syrena is crying and promising not to put her health at risk again. But that is not the worst of it, she must wait for daddy to now come and deal with her. Coming soon to - "Daddy Spanks Syrena"

Mommy Spanks Rachel Starring Rachel Sterling and Sarah Gregory - Rachel is acting like a little brat. Mommy specifically told her not to go on the boat without an adult and Rachel decides to do it anyways. When mom finds her out there, she throws a tantrum and has to be dragged off the boat, inside, and right over mom's knee for the punishment she deserves. Mommy gives her naughty daughter a hard spanking, then makes her change into her PJs for the hairbrush. Rachel is a sorry little girl.

Mommy Spanks Isobel Starring Isobel Wren and Christina Carter - Mommy is very very angry with Isobel, but she waits until they are at the hotel and she is more calm to deal with her. She scolds Isobel and tells her how upset and disappointed she is in her and how she knows she deserves a spanking. Isobel knows that destroying the house with her friends which led to the insurance company having to put them up in a hotel while they did repairs was a very bad thing. She feels awful about what she did and that she really upset her mom. She takes her punishment like a good girl even though it is so embarrassing and it stings her bottom terribly. Mommy doesn't stop spanking her naughty girl until her bottom is bright red.

42 min.

Cat num: SG00382
Price: $34.00