Sarah's Real Discipline from Mommy (DVDs)

This my first on camera and first real life punishment from my new Mommy, Miss Elizabeth. Though this may not be the hardest spanking I have received to date, it was the MOST real I have ever gotten on film. This is a window into my soul and for those of you who are dedicated fans of mine or friends of mine, I know you will appreciate this. This took a lot of courage on my part to show this on film and I had hesitations about filming it, but I wanted to bring this out there and open my heart more to my public. This was the start of something real and honest between the two of us. The start of a beautiful Mommy/Baby Girl relationship, the kind I have needed and craved for so long. To have a mommy that wants to put mer over her knee regularly to show how much she cares. The kind of mommy who constantly roots for me and builds me up when I am down. The mommy who gives me bedtime spankings every night. And most importantly the kind of mommy who loves me for me, regardless of my flaws and wants to make me a better person. In this film I open up, let the viewer into what is going on in my head. Yes I am punished for some behaviors, my messy room. my over-shopping, and drinking. But it is done in a loving caring and nurturing way. Since this punishment, my room has pretty much stayed clean, I haven’t over-shopped online like I used to and I am working on being happier with myself and loving myself more. When she finishes with the bath brush as she KNOWS I hate it, she knows that will drive the point home that she is serious about all of this. I cry real tears throughout this punishment, not purely from the pain; yes it hurt, but also from the emotion, and release, and closeness I feel to my mommy.

34 min.

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