Naked and Spanked (DVDs)

4 Movies in One, 48 MINUTES

Selfish Girlfriend - Sarah's Girlfriend Chelsea has asked her to be ready to leave to go out. When Chelsea comes back, she finds Sarah still in the bath not ready to go and sees this as a very selfish act. Chelsea pulls her girlfriend out of the bath and gives her a hard bare bottom spanking on her wet sensitive bottom.

Lap Dance Punishment - When Sarah's girlfriend catches her doing a lap-dance for a strange man in their hotel room, she makes Sarah strip then punishes her with a very hard bare bottom spanking. See Sarah's first topless spanking scene

Rude Awakening - Sarah has promised Tasha, her girlfriend, that she would not speak to her manipulative ex. Tasha finds Sarah's phone and notices that Sarah has been speaking to her ex. She awakens Sarah with a very hard spanking that will not be forgotten.

Nude Beach Prank - Sarah, Kat, and Kyle are on a nude beach together enjoying the nice day when Sarah and Kat decide to play a prank on Kyle. They take his clothes after he is nude and hide them. Once he gets his clothes back he is not too happy. He teaches these two brats a lesson by giving them each bare bottom spankings right out in the open on the NUDE beach.
Cat num: SG00110
Price: $34.00