Strictmoor Presents Annie and Janets Discipline (DVDs)

It was the start of The Sixties - and although not the traditional Strictmoor Academy season, there were two particularly naughty young ladies who had a need to attend an additional schooling discipline at the very capable hands of Mrs. Frobisher. She recalls her first time tasked with dealing with Annie and Janet. This is a special week-long discipline as Janet also happens to be Mrs. Frobisher’s daughter! The girls know they will be punished, and punished often, whether in their lessons in front of each other or in their rooms.

At any Strictmoor Academy course - there is a tried and tested formulaic discipline... a spanking during the day always means an additional spanking at bedtime. By the end of the week, these young ladies will have learned the real value of discipline to better themselves. Features spankings, mouth soapings & caning punishments in and out of school uniform.

1 hour and 45 min.

Cat num: SG00439
Price: $39.00