A Night to Remember (DVDs)

Sarah and Luci are on a first date. Sarah is hot for Luci and cannot wait for them to get back to her place. It is no secret that they are both kinky as fuck. Lucy wants to have her way with sweet Sarah and has her get on all fours for some spanking fun. After, she strips Sarah down for more fun. Luci plays with Sarah's wet swollen pussy and fingers her. This brings chills down Sarah's spine. It is amazing. She is so turned on. Luci continues to play with Sarah's wet pussy until Sarah wants to cum so much but she doesn't let her yet. She wants to fuck Sarah with the glass dildo while Sarah holds the Doxy vibrator on her clit. Sarah has three orgasms in a row. Luci cannot get over how hot this was!!!!

16 min.

Cat num: SG00444
Price: $15.00