Stress Relief Spankings (DVDs)

When Momma arrived at Sarah's for a visit she was very stressed due to her fast-paced schedule and we both knew what she needed to relieve her body from all the stress she was under. She needed Momma to give her a sound spanking - not a discipline or punishment spanking, but a warm soft and sometimes hard over her lap bedtime spanking. So, before she went to bed one night, Momma slipped into her nightie and went into Sarah's room. She told her it was time for her to get some much needed cuddle time and a long loving spanking from Momma. Momma only used her hand but hSarah's bottom had a nice rosy glow when Momma finally brought her to tears and she let go of all the stress she had built up over the past few months.

55 min

Cat num: SG00301
Price: $34.00