Promiscuous Willow's Tearful Punishment

Willow has been called to Headmistress's office to have a little discussion in showing off her wares to the boys. She was caught at hockey practice lifting her skirt to show off her knickers to the boys. This is very unladylike and of course inappropriate. In this school, the staff take matters of discipline very seriously and Willow is about to receive one of the harshest school punishments from Headmistress yet. First, she is to have the wooden ruler taken to the palms of her hands which so easily lifted her skirt for all to see. When she breaks eye contact after being reminded several times, she gets her poor little face slapped. Now, if she is going to show off her thighs to the boys, she will have those punished with the cane. She is given 6 hard cane strokes to the fronts of her thighs and the backs so she won't want to be showing off to the boys anymore. Willow is left a sore, sorry and sobbing mess to think about her behavior and reflect on how she will be less promiscuous.

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Riley Spanked by Campus Security

Riley was in charge of the freshman sorority pledge which involved adult diapers. Apparently, after running through campus the girls threw them all over the grounds instead of putting them in the proper waste receptacles. Campus Security pays a visit to Riley's sorority house and threatens to have her kicked out unless she submits to proper punishment. Riley reluctantly agrees and goes over his lap for a hard hand spanking followed by 12 stinging swats with Justin the security guard's trusted mean wooden paddle.

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Top Off Bottoms Up

We are very excited to welcome Paula Diamonds to our sites. Paula has been down at the hotel pool on a family vacation and was caught sunbathing topless. When she gets back to the room her stepdad is waiting for her and very upset. She doesn't understand what the big deal is. After a stern scolding about her embarrassing behavior, she is reminded of what happens when she misbehaves in public like this. Paula goes right across his lap for a dreaded and much-deserved spanking. She is spanked over her tight denim shorts, then with them quickly removed revealing a skimpy bikini bottom and of course on the bare bottom. Her bottom quickly turns a deep shade of crimson with stepdad's hard hand. Today, she has learned an important lesson in breaking rules and sunbathing topless.

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Ashley Shamed Spanked and Diapered

Ashley is sent to a special institution for promiscuous young women and her introduction from Nurse Bernadette turns out to be a very humiliating experience. She has been to different clinics to cure her lascivious ways, but it seems Nurse Bernadette is the only one who can truly tame this little slut. Of course, her temperature needs to be checked in the most humiliating way... rectally! After all, the nurse needs to make sure she is healthy. Ashley is told how lucky she is that she has a nice bedroom, but if she misbehaves she will be put in "The Hole." After she is confirmed to be healthy, the punishment is a long hand spanking from the "medical" official as she straddles the hapless girl and enjoys dishing out this discipline. Ashley is then bent over on all fours, her bottom fully exposed as she is given a leather strapping. To ensure this slut learns her lesson, she is given a truly humiliating diapering to keep her from touching herself or others from wanting to touch her. Ashley hides her face in shame as she is powdered and placed into the cute diaper like a little baby. She will learn to be a better behaved young lady.

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Violet and Helen's School Spanking

Helen and Violet have been summoned to the office of Headmistress Matthews as they were caught passing notes in class. This is strictly against the school rules and must be dealt with by the highest authority. After a stern scolding, they are each taken over Miss Matthews's lap. Both girls receive a good, old-fashioned spanking, over their starched white gusset regulation navy knickers... then on the bare bottom, as any girl in this position would painfully expect! Their bottoms become sore and red very quickly as they watch each other take their punishment but there is more to come... Since Helen was the one who passed the note she also gets 12 strokes of the cane on her bare, exposed bottom bent over the desk. Afterward, the two naughty, well-punished miscreants were left standing in front of the blackboard rubbing their sore spanked bottoms better.

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Isobel's Good Girl Spanking

Isobel and Johnny are back in Florida where they met and enjoying an anniversary. Of course, a good girl spanking is in order for such a sexy girl like Isobel. They reminisce on all the fun spankings she has gotten including right under the Eiffel Tower! Johnny can't wait to spank her gorgeous booty so he feels the outline of her cheeks over her tight dress, spanking her over the thin material. Soon, she hastily undresses for a nude spanking over his lap. He continues to play with her cheeks, feeling them warm in his hand as moaning Isobel is spanked in a very fun-loving way until her cute booty is a lovely shade of pink.

Naughty Teacher Spanked

Miss Audrey has been invited over by Bernadette, the mother of one of her students. Audrey has no idea what this is all about but she assumes it is to discuss the progress of Bernadette's son. There is a big surprise for Audrey when she finds out what the visit is really about. She has been dressing inappropriately as a school teacher and flirting with many of the students, especially Bernadette's son. After a stern talking-to... which includes threats to get her fired, Audrey agrees to accept corporal punishment from this angry mother who wishes to take care of the matter at hand. It is embarrassing to be taken across the knee like a naughty little girl but she learns her lascivious behavior is unacceptable and she should know better. The lesson is learned properly when a wooden hairbrush is used across the teacher's sore red bottom. Bernadette hopes that her discipline will make this naughty teacher see reason in the future.

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Vandal Spanked by Security

Raven has been caught by campus security on CCTV vandalizing school property as part of a freshman hazing. He comes to Raven's dorm room, confronting her about the recent unsavory incidents. At first, she lies but that only makes things worse when she realizes that there is footage to prove that she is the perpetrator. So Raven must decide if it is worth getting kicked out of school or spanked for her actions. She chooses the spanking punishment. Security officer Justin takes the naughty girl over his lap using his heavy hand to smack her bottom without mercy. To emphasize his point, he also uses a hairbrush found next to the bed across her round, bare quivering buttocks until he is satisfied that this naughty miscreant has learned her lesson.

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Three Schoolgirls Birched

Essie and Helen were caught copying the schoolwork of Alora and the three have been summoned to the Headmistresses' office. They decide to sneak into Miss Matthew's private quarters instead and attempt to destroy the birches they know they have all been promised. Headmistress walks in on the three naughty miscreants, catching them in the act, and is in shock! The three schoolgirls are told to face the fireplace and their knickers are removed for added humiliation. They were each set to receive 6 strokes but due to their shenanigans, that number has now doubled. The three girls are each given 12 strokes of the stinging birch in two lots of 6 as they watch their partners in crime. Afterward, they are left to contemplate their foolish actions at the imposing fireplace as they rub their sore bottoms and check each other's welts of shame.

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Cheating Daughter In Law Spanked

Gena has been cheating on her husband, Justin, and her Mother-in-law has become aware of this behavior. She summons Gena over to discuss this whole sordid affair. After a stern talk, Samantha will show Gena just how disciplinary matters are dealt with. If Gena wants this to stay between the two of them, she will submit to a hard spanking from her mother-in-law. How embarrassing to be taken over the lap like a naughty little girl. Gena is spanked over the knee and squirms and kicks. Her bottom turns a deep shade of crimson but that is not the end of the spanking. She is told to present the leather paddle to Samantha so that she can use this across her sore, aching bottom. The last part of this humiliating punishment sees poor Gena bent over, touching her toes, as her bare exposed bottom receives more stinging swats in this embarrassing position. She is sent away a sore sorry girl... promising to be good and not cheat anymore.

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