Slut Shamed Raven

Raven has been sent to an experienced disciplinarian, Miss Elizabeth, by her husband for continuing slutty and promiscuous behavior. Miss Elizabeth is very equipped to teach this nasty slut a humiliating and long-lasting lesson. Raven is stripped down to her sexy, slutty lingerie and put over the spanking bench with her bottom stuck out for a hard paddling and strapping. Then, of course... she is told to take her naughty lace panties off so that Miss Elizabeth can spread Raven's legs for a far more humiliating spanking. Now, everything is on display, and Raven is suitably embarrassed in such a submissive position! After much scolding, spanking, and degradation... Raven is placed and tied to the St. Andrews Cross. Miss Elizabeth uses various paddles and straps including using a leather crop to punish her naughty slutty pussy. Raven is fully exposed, embarrassed, and unable to answer back defiantly as she had earlier... Miss Elizabeth's methods are working! She is left there on the cross after her slut-shaming punishment, make-up running, tears flowing, feeling very sorry for herself. This is a long film between a true submissive and an expert disciplinarian.

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Spanked Roommate

Helen and Penelope share an apartment but Helen hasn't been pulling her weight with the chores. She has also been partying too loudly and leaving a mess soon after Penelope clears up. Penelope has had enough of this slacking and sheer laziness which is threatening to get them both kicked out so she teaches her naughty roommate a very hard lesson the old-fashioned way... with a much-deserved spanking. She takes her over her lap and uses her hand to spank her on her bare bottom which Helen finds embarrassing but worse is to come as Penelope doesn't think her roommate is understanding the gravity of the situation. She finds a hairbrush nearby in the bedroom and whacks the lazy girl hard on her reddening cheeks ensuring that the point is swiftly made, leaving Helen to nurse her sore aching bottom... and that they must share the chores in the apartment from now on.

Ava's Asylum Punishment Two

Previously in "Ava's Asylum Punishment", the slutty inmate was caught trying to escape then brought into the director's office for punishment from him and Nurse Bernadette. Now, Ava has been at it again, and this time she has escaped with the help of a male guard, Ethan, who she had seduced. They end up in a secluded hotel room but Nurse Bernadette and Director Mike have tracked them down. This time, Ava will be disciplined far more severely than before and her lover guard is told he must watch the woman he lusts after being punished by the pair. Naked Ava is strapped on her bottom, breasts, and pussy. She is whipped, caned, and spanked. Already vulnerable and starting to have her will broken, she is given a humiliating anal cavity search before a humiliating old fashioned enema syringe (filled with chilli peppers and warm water) is used as maximum punishment. After she is screaming in pain, marked up and sore all over, Ava is allowed to leave and take care of herself while the Nurse and Director of the Asylum prepare to bring their wayward inmate back with them in restraints.

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Rachel Spanked and Strapped

Rachel has stayed out way past curfew and dad is waiting up at home for her and is very upset. She has been out most of the night, not returning any phone calls or texts (as agreed) to ensure that she was safe. After a stern scolding, she is taken over daddy's lap and given a sound spanking. Rachel understands how worried he was and finally begins to realize with the help of the painful "Family Strap" - the leather strap that brings her quickly to a flood of tears. She cries and sobs, promising to be far more respectful of daddy's concern if she is ever to go out late again!

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Birthday Party Blues

As part of her birthday celebration, Sarah and her friends have just gotten home from a classic car show and are excited to start the party at home with pizza and pajamas. Before the pizza gets ordered, mom and dad have something to talk to the young ladies about. Their behavior at the car show was totally unacceptable. Sarah was practically telling them they were going to buy her a very expensive 1956 Chevy Bel Air. That is not how things are done in this household, young ladies behave and ask nicely... not demand things. After the embarrassment at the show, they have planned to embarrass Sarah in front of her party friends. They can all take spankings, and then have the slumber party as planned, or they can go home. They decide on the spankings so Sarah can continue her party evening. Each naughty young lady is spanked in turn, by both Sarah's parents. They are given hand spankings, first by Mom, and all on their bare exposed bottoms. then given the mean hairbrush spanking before Dad took his turn. He spanks each girl across their sore red bottoms then has them bend over the chair, bottom out, as he uses a leather strap to finish! They are all feeling the birthday party blues as they rub their sore red bottoms on the large leather couch. We hope you enjoy this special colorful long-play group spanking film to celebrate the 500th HD film.

Reyna Spanked at School

Reyna's stepfather from England has been called in by the principal for a discussion about the poor behavior that she has been displaying in school. Reyna has been rude to her teachers, making fun of other students, and her overall behavior has gone from bad to worse. Her stepfather is very disappointed to hear this as he spends a lot of money to have her educated in this school. Miss Bernadette knows that the English deal with things in the good old-fashioned way so prepares to teach Reyna a lesson just like in the old country. Her stepfather is also very keen for a strict lesson to be taught over the knee. So he watches Miss Bernadette take the naughty girl over her lap for a spanking. This includes a far more humiliating bare bottom spanking, witnessed by him, before the next part of this punishment. Reyna is told to bend over the desk for 30 hard strokes with the leather school strap. This is strict scolding discipline with the added embarrassment and humiliation of an element of voyeurism to teach naughty girls a proper lesson.

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Angelica's Humiliating Intake

Angelica has been a promiscuous little slut and has been sent to a special institution where girls like her are dealt with in the best way... using discipline. Angelica's introduction to the institute is a visit to the medical examination room with Nurse Gregory. She has Angelica strip off her clothing so she is naked and vulnerable but the young girl is rude and defiant until she is given a thorough hand spanking and leather strapping on all fours over the examination table. Angelica is told about all the forms of discipline used on the young women there and she is not one bit happy that her parents have sent her here. The last part of this intake involves being put into a cute diaper. Since she can't seem to stop touching herself "down there" she will be made to wear a diaper to prevent excessive masturbation and continuing slutty behavior. She is utterly humiliated that a grown girl such as herself is being powdered and put into pampers. She doesn't feel so slutty anymore!

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Lily's Red Shameful Bottom

Lily is upset that she not only has to go to a brand new private school but that she is not allowed to have her fun hair. Her stepdad has gotten a job overseas in his home country of the UK. Lily thinks that the new stricter rules at the new school are unfair. She is really upset as she likes to be an individual. She has an attitude and doesn't show any respect to her stepfather who has tried his best to help her adjust to her new surroundings but this sassy brat has gone too far this time. He takes her over his lap for a richly deserved punishment all of her own making. She is spanked over her pristine, regulation school knickers, and in this household... over her bare bottom. After a hard over-the-knee hand spanking, stepdaddy takes off his belt to ensure Lily really learns her lesson the old-fashioned way, giving her some severe licks of leather across her already sore, red bottom.

Splashed and Spanked

Sarah just wants to have a chill day by the pool, take a few dips and relax. Her friend Zoe has other ideas which include being more playful, including splashing Sarah. Zoe is just doing it to get Sarah to come swim and play, but Sarah asks her to stop. Zoe doesn't... she keeps splashing and bratting Sarah until she has had enough of it. If Zoe wants to have fun and play, she will have the kind of fun Sarah is now in the mood for. Sarah bends her over the side of the pool and spanks her wet bikini-clad bottom. Zoe doesn't like it one bit and protests that she cannot believe Sarah is spanking her. Sarah proclaims, "you wanted to play, you wanted to have fun, well now I am having fun". Zoe pouts and complains but Sarah continues to spank her. She fully undresses Zoe for added fun and humiliation. Now naked... Zoe is told to get on all fours by the side of the pool. That is if she doesn't want Sarah to splash her and ruin the pretty make up she is wearing. Zoe does as she is told but continues to protest as Sarah continues to spank her friend's bottom until it is nice and pink and she is satisfied that Zoe has learned a lesson.

Casey and Ashley's Intake

Casey and Ashley are the newest intakes to the halfway house and Nurse Bernadette is in charge of them. A medical exam is the first step of any naughty promiscuous girl's intake to the program. After all, their slutty behavior is what landed them both at The House in the first place, and as they will soon discover this institution specializes in promiscuous sluts. They are first stripped and have a breast exam. Then they are told to bend over and spread their legs for the rectal thermometer. They are both so surprised and humiliated to be so exposed and shamed in this fashion. Next, they are given a taste of the style of discipline when they misbehave. Nurse knows that these two are trouble and will be needing lots of "discipline". They are each given the leather paddle and leather punishment strap (side by side) until their bottoms are bright red. They are left feeling very sorry for themselves, rubbing their swollen bottoms in shame.

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