Apricot Spanked by Sister

Harley is very upset to have to stay home from the big dance to watch her younger sister, Apricot who is grounded. The parents have to go out and they needed Apricot to have supervision since she seems to breaking all sorts of rules lately. She has now gone and gotten a piercing in her nose when she was specifically told not to. If Harley is going to be punished by having to miss the dance and watch her, she will also punish Apricot by giving her a good hard spanking. Apricot is taken over sister's lap for a good hard spanking with hand and brush. She kicks in pain. After her bottom is a lovely shade of crimson, she is made to stand in the corner so Harley can admire a job well done.

Sore Bottom Real Tears

Rachel is on a family vacation, only thing is, she wants to have her own fun. She decides to meet up with a random guy from Tinder and have some fun at the hotel bar. Dad hears of this and confronts her the next morning. She is sleeping in the dress that she wore the night before and is clearly still feeling it. Dad is not happy and explains how unsafe her behavior is and how it could lead to very bad outcomes. Rachel doesn't think what she did was wrong so more of a lesson needs to be taught. She goes straight over dad's lap for a good old fashioned spanking, first over her slutty tight dress, then on her panties, and finally on her bare bottom. He isn't finished with her... even as Rachel's tears are welling up, he brings out the hairbrush which he knows will get the message across. She is quickly brought to a flow of very real tears and he knows it is only when she is a blubbering mess that she has learned a valuable lesson.

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Girlfriend's Indiscretion

Sarah and her partner Pandora are hosting a dinner party when all of a sudden Sarah decides to get a bit frisky and sticks her hand down her girlfriend's pants to cop a feel. Only she is surprised that Pandora is not wearing any panties. The reason being, Sarah keeps taking them and wearing them herself as she says they are so much more comfortable. After the guests go home, little cheeky Sarah is going to be taught a lesson in not only taking underwear that doesn't belong to her but embarrassing her partner in front of guests by trying to do private things. Sarah is given a spanking over the underwear she is wearing that belongs to Pandora but they don't stay on for long as her bare bottom is given a harder spanking for this. Pandora is far from finished and asks Sarah to give her the paddle on the nearby table so she can tan that delicious booty further. As the spanking nears an end, Pandora notices some wetness between Sarah's parted legs and she knows it is time to take things up to the bedroom and deal with this naughtiness privately.

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Sassy Stripper Spanked

Kajira is called to her club owner's back office where she works. Kajira is one of the top dancers, but he has noticed that she has been pretending to drink water but it is something far stronger... as he sniffs and confiscates her bottle. He should fire her on the spot, but as she is a great crowd-pleaser, he tells her she can stay if he punishes her... and she knows what that means! An over the knee spanking, like she is a naughty girl. It's humiliating, and he knows that, so she does as she is told as she doesn't want to lose her lucrative job. The boss spanks her over her tight gold shorts, then on her bare, perky bottom until her booty is red and sore. Her dancing later should prove interesting!

Spanked Call Girl

Christina is meeting up with her pimp to give him his share of the money, only she has decided to keep some for herself. He knows she is lying and asks where the rest of the money is. She has already spent it on that sexy dress, tiny panties, and high heels that she is wearing. Marcus will not tolerate this kind of behavior from any of his girls and he secretly enjoys spanking them when they don't follow rules, especially one as sexy as Christina! She is spanked over her little black dress and then made to strip it off, along with her cute black panties until she lays over his lap, naked. Watching nude Christina wriggle and complain as her booty is given a man-spanking is truly a sight to behold!

Amy Spanked and Caned

Amy has been called to Headmistress Zoe's office for dressing inappropriately for school. Her skirt is too short, hair is down, and way too much make-up, not to mention no white blouse or tie. After a thorough scolding, Amy is taken over the lap for a much deserved hard spanking. Then she is given 25 with the cane on her bottom all the way down her thighs. She is left with a welted bottom and feeling very sorry for herself.

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Grandpa Spanks Angelica

Angelica is so excited to be spending the long weekend with Grandpa as he always has such fun plans for them, however, this time is going to be different. Angelica's parents have called their dad to tell him that their daughter's school called about her misbehavior and that they hadn't had to chance to deal with it yet so they asked him. "Of course" he replies... after having much experience of this when his girl was younger. When Angelica arrives, she is so excited to have some fun, but Grandpa explains that there will be no miniature golf, no ice cream, and no movies... just spankings. She is confused but eventually admits to being a bad girl at school and accepts that she must go over grandpa's lap for a good old fashioned spanking. Angelica finds this so humiliating to have him pull down her tight school knickers and expose her bare, pert bottom. After spanking her cheeks until they are a shameful, burning bright pink, he tells her to lay on the couch and take his thick leather strap. She cries out in pain but he knows that this is the only way she will learn her lesson.

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Spanked by the Hotel Manager

Veronica is shocked when the hotel manager, played by Madame Samantha B, shows up in her room very upset. Veronica has caused lots of talk at the hotel as she has been flashing her naughty bits down at the pool. The hotel manager isn't liking the attitude or lack of remorse from sassy Veronica at all. She tells the brat that if she doesn't want to be kicked out of the hotel, she will take the punishment that the manager deems necessary. Veronica is shocked when she is pulled right over Samantha's lap for a spanking. She fights it, kicking her legs and struggles to get free all but to no avail. Samantha firmly leg locks her and continues to spank her bottom until it is bright red. Of course, the bikini bottoms come down for added humiliation and the manager insists that proper spankings are always given on a bare bottom. veronica's behavior was so bad that the hairbrush she had been using earlier is put to better use tanning her sore behind. This really gets her attention as she discovers the hairbrush is so nasty and stinging on her burning cheeks, she can barely take any more swats! Once the young girl is more contrite, the manager leaves the sad sorry-looking girl alone to rub her sore aching behind... knowing that she has learned a valuable lesson.

Lily and Ava's School Punishment

Lily and Ava once again find themselves in the Principal's Office but this time for cheating. Since they are mostly good students they will not be expelled, but instead, be subject to corporal punishment. They are each taken over Principal Rogers' lap for a hard hand spanking... Lily is first and she howls as his hardened hand reddens her bare bottom with her regulation school panties pulled down. She is sent back to the wall while Ava takes the same position, she kicks and yelps as she receives the same humiliating treatment. Then both girls receive a paddling on their bare bottom, bent over the desk, with the mean wooden Spencer Paddle! They are left facing the wall, feeling sorry for themselves, bare bottoms on full shameful display. Principal Rogers tells the girls not to rub their bottoms while he fills out the Discipline Report.

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Lola Anderson: Caned and Tawsed

Lola Anderson is the latest employee to face the difficult choice of being fired or taking a hard caning and hand-tawsing punishment. She chooses the latter option and is visibly nervous as she contemplates what is about to happen. She presents the heavy rattan cane and leather tawse for the punishment where she is to receive 24 hard strokes of the cane followed by 10 stinging swats of the tawse across Lola's outstretched hands. The punishment is carried out with her naked, so she slowly undresses, nervously eyeing the cane, before being placed over in a revealing position with her bottom stuck out and presented for the first strokes. Lola is a very stoic young lady, she takes these canings with gritted teeth but as the caning progresses, the facial reactions and the way she reacts to the severe cane strokes clearly show this message is getting through to her. The evidence of the welts on her bottom is enough to show how much this is hurting and by all 24 her poor bottom and upper thighs are an angry red mass or parallel welts. Then she receives the heavy tawse, Lola has never felt pain like this... and in the end, she shows us just how red and swollen her palms have become. Lola is allowed to ice her bottom, and the cold cubes soothe her red striped bottom as the ice quickly melts from the heat of her bottom. Only then is Lola allowed to leave the room and compose herself after she tells us how she felt about this difficult workplace punishment. This special video is from a valued custom client who wanted us to film Lola in this precarious caning scenario.

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