Vandal Spanked by Security

Raven has been caught by campus security on CCTV vandalizing school property as part of a freshman hazing. He comes to Raven's dorm room, confronting her about the recent unsavory incidents. At first, she lies but that only makes things worse when she realizes that there is footage to prove that she is the perpetrator. So Raven must decide if it is worth getting kicked out of school or spanked for her actions. She chooses the spanking punishment. Security officer Justin takes the naughty girl over his lap using his heavy hand to smack her bottom without mercy. To emphasize his point, he also uses a hairbrush found next to the bed across her round, bare quivering buttocks until he is satisfied that this naughty miscreant has learned her lesson.

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Three Schoolgirls Birched

Essie and Helen were caught copying the schoolwork of Alora and the three have been summoned to the Headmistresses' office. They decide to sneak into Miss Matthew's private quarters instead and attempt to destroy the birches they know they have all been promised. Headmistress walks in on the three naughty miscreants, catching them in the act, and is in shock! The three schoolgirls are told to face the fireplace and their knickers are removed for added humiliation. They were each set to receive 6 strokes but due to their shenanigans, that number has now doubled. The three girls are each given 12 strokes of the stinging birch in two lots of 6 as they watch their partners in crime. Afterward, they are left to contemplate their foolish actions at the imposing fireplace as they rub their sore bottoms and check each other's welts of shame.

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Cheating Daughter In Law Spanked

Gena has been cheating on her husband, Justin, and her Mother-in-law has become aware of this behavior. She summons Gena over to discuss this whole sordid affair. After a stern talk, Samantha will show Gena just how disciplinary matters are dealt with. If Gena wants this to stay between the two of them, she will submit to a hard spanking from her mother-in-law. How embarrassing to be taken over the lap like a naughty little girl. Gena is spanked over the knee and squirms and kicks. Her bottom turns a deep shade of crimson but that is not the end of the spanking. She is told to present the leather paddle to Samantha so that she can use this across her sore, aching bottom. The last part of this humiliating punishment sees poor Gena bent over, touching her toes, as her bare exposed bottom receives more stinging swats in this embarrassing position. She is sent away a sore sorry girl... promising to be good and not cheat anymore.

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Attitude Adjustment for Tiana

Boyfriend Nate noticed that Tiana has had an attitude problem all day and the icing on the cake was when she was obnoxious to a security officer on their evening out. Nate has had enough of her rude behavior. She knows how things are done when she misbehaves; with a hard over the knee spanking. He takes her over his lap for a no nonsense disciplinary session ensuring she won't be able to sit down comfortably for a while. Tiana promises not to be rude again, and to ensure she learns her lesson properly Nate bends her over the couch using his leather strap on her bared, swollen bottom.

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Pandora; Tied Spanked and Plugged

This is a special film, typical of our clip store - - and we have decided to showcase this for members of this website. If you want to explore the full library of outstanding all-female spanking erotica, just type in the store name to check it out!

Sarah and Pandora make time to spend what precious moments they have left together before Sarah must fly back to America. Pandora knows exactly what she wants and is not shy about letting Sarah know, in intimate and explicit detail, her darkest desires. It's not long before Pandora is lying face down on the bed, naked... her bottom stuck out and presented for Sarah as she ties her calves binding them to her thighs as her legs are deliciously spread wide leaving Pandora fully exposed. After a little hand spanking, caressing, and teasing... it becomes obvious how aroused Pandora is from the delicious predicament she finds herself in. Sarah reminds her what a naughty, dirty slut she is before sliding in a large, well-oiled buttplug, keeping her filled and plugged as she continues to spank, tease and expose her further. Pandora's glorious bottom turns a beautiful shade of red from Sarah's hands and implements before being allowed to vibe herself intensely. Enjoy this gorgeously explicit, completely filthy scene with a very happy ending that Pandora won’t forget in a hurry.

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Helen's Sunday School Spanking

Helen has been caught on CCTV by the Good Reverend Dodge making obscene gestures in The Lord's House completely stark naked. She thought it would be funny to go into the church after dark and be silly not realizing she would be found out. She also decided to write on the hymn board, "Reverend is a wanker." Sunday school teacher Miss Soria is appalled when she learns of Helen's horrible behavior and desecration of the holy place. Helen is punished after being made to kneel and pray for forgiveness from the Lord. She is spanked, in turn, over the laps of both Reverend Dodge and Miss Soria. Her bare buttocks redden in shame before each of them give the miscreant a dozen mean cane strokes of the thick rattan Punishment Rod cross her quivering cheeks of shame.

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A Family Affair

Luna does some investigative work on her new stepmother as she suspects she is sneaking around behind her dad's back. She finds the necessary evidence and then takes it upon herself to confront Amber and spank her... just she has been spanked. She will deal with her stepmother the way she wants to if Amber doesn't want to be tattled on. However, whilst Amber is over Luna's lap getting a humiliating punishment for her affair, dad walks in on the shocking sight of his daughter spanking his new wife. He sends Amber away after he is told of the reason why his wife is being punished and promises to deal with her later. First, he spanks his precious girl, Luna, as this is not how she should behave. If she has a problem with her stepmom she needs to discuss it with him. Later that day, John deals with his naughty wife in private for her promiscuous behavior. He spanks her on their bed, over his lap, until her beautiful bouncing booty is a gorgeous deep glowing red. The upshot of this is that John realizes just how much he loves his wife and also promises to be a better husband in the future, being attentive to her needs and paying more attention to her glorious bottom!

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Riley's Revenge

Riley is sick and tired of her stepmother spanking her all the time. Riley has a little plan of her own as she suspects "stepmommy dearest" has also been up to no good. She snoops and finds evidence of this on her phone that she has been naughty and cheating. Clara comes in expecting to be spanking Riley once again saying she has gone to a party without permission, but Riley turns the tables. If stepmommy doesn't want to be tattled on, she will go across Riley's lap to take an embarrassing spanking, in the same manner, she has always given her. Riley has so much fun and relishes this rare opportunity to get revenge on her "dear" stepmother. She enjoys saying "Take your Spanking like a good girl", using all the tried and trusted lines on Clara to add further humiliation.

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Dolly the Liar Gets Spanked

Dolly had already been caned the day before and now she is at the school nurse saying that she is sick. Of course, it just so happens that she has an important Social Studies exam and didn't study for it. Nurse Samantha knows just what to do with naughty little ladies that she suspects are liars. Dolly is told to get onto the examination table on all fours and spread her bottom cheeks wide. The nurse is then able to take her temperature properly in what she describes as the most "accurate" way. Naturally, she knows this is also the most humiliating way as she has her suspicions (which are proved correct) when she confirms that Dolly has no temperature and appears perfectly healthy. This makes the naughty schoolgirl a liar... and liars have their bare bottoms spanked and paddled. Poor Dolly never learns her lesson, as her already very sore buttocks are further punished hard as she cries out in pain, getting her aching bottom another reddening she will not soon forget!

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Andy's Report Card Punishment

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