A Family Affair

Luna does some investigative work on her new stepmother as she suspects she is sneaking around behind her dad's back. She finds the necessary evidence and then takes it upon herself to confront Amber and spank her... just she has been spanked. She will deal with her stepmother the way she wants to if Amber doesn't want to be tattled on. However, whilst Amber is over Luna's lap getting a humiliating punishment for her affair, dad walks in on the shocking sight of his daughter spanking his new wife. He sends Amber away after he is told of the reason why his wife is being punished and promises to deal with her later. First, he spanks his precious girl, Luna, as this is not how she should behave. If she has a problem with her stepmom she needs to discuss it with him. Later that day, John deals with his naughty wife in private for her promiscuous behavior. He spanks her on their bed, over his lap, until her beautiful bouncing booty is a gorgeous deep glowing red. The upshot of this is that John realizes just how much he loves his wife and also promises to be a better husband in the future, being attentive to her needs and paying more attention to her glorious bottom!

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Riley's Revenge

Riley is sick and tired of her stepmother spanking her all the time. Riley has a little plan of her own as she suspects "stepmommy dearest" has also been up to no good. She snoops and finds evidence of this on her phone that she has been naughty and cheating. Clara comes in expecting to be spanking Riley once again saying she has gone to a party without permission, but Riley turns the tables. If stepmommy doesn't want to be tattled on, she will go across Riley's lap to take an embarrassing spanking, in the same manner, she has always given her. Riley has so much fun and relishes this rare opportunity to get revenge on her "dear" stepmother. She enjoys saying "Take your Spanking like a good girl", using all the tried and trusted lines on Clara to add further humiliation.

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Dolly the Liar Gets Spanked

Dolly had already been caned the day before and now she is at the school nurse saying that she is sick. Of course, it just so happens that she has an important Social Studies exam and didn't study for it. Nurse Samantha knows just what to do with naughty little ladies that she suspects are liars. Dolly is told to get onto the examination table on all fours and spread her bottom cheeks wide. The nurse is then able to take her temperature properly in what she describes as the most "accurate" way. Naturally, she knows this is also the most humiliating way as she has her suspicions (which are proved correct) when she confirms that Dolly has no temperature and appears perfectly healthy. This makes the naughty schoolgirl a liar... and liars have their bare bottoms spanked and paddled. Poor Dolly never learns her lesson, as her already very sore buttocks are further punished hard as she cries out in pain, getting her aching bottom another reddening she will not soon forget!

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Andy's Report Card Punishment

Babysitter Blues

Portia is babysitting cute little Willow and has been told she needs to make sure she finishes her homework before bedtime. Willow doesn't seem to be taking this seriously and tells her babysitter that she will get to it eventually. This isn't good enough for Portia, who knows exactly what will teach this naughty brat a lesson; a good over-the-knee hand spanking. Just as the spanking gets going, a surprised and very upset mom comes home. She is shocked that her beautiful baby girl, her pride and joy, is being spanked. She did not give this impudent babysitter permission to do this at all! She decides that if this is how Portia conducts herself, then she will be given a good hard taste of her own medicine. Willow is allowed to watch and enjoys the humiliating punishment given to Portia as she receives a hard hand and hairbrush spanking that ends with her poor bottom swollen and sore. After this punishment, the babysitter is sent on her way in shame, never to be booked again.

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A License To Spank

Christina and John are on vacation and have a nice upgraded rental car that he got a deal with and covered the cost by taking out less insurance. This proves to be a mistake as Christina (without her license) decided to take it for a spin and ended up scratching it. John is very upset when he finds out as she tried to cover it up then tells him she doesn't think it is a big deal anyway! She wants him to tell the car rental company it is him since she wasn't on the contract to drive. He only agrees if she takes a hard hand spanking for her selfish behavior. He takes her over his lap and not only spanks her bare bottom red... but produces a mean-looking leather paddle that has Christina gasping out in pain. She realized just how silly she has been and so dutifully takes her punishment. Christina is well aware that her behavior will cause another dent... this time in John's wallet when they take back the damaged rental car!

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Apricot and Veronica's Asylum Punishment

Apricot is an inmate at a special asylum for naughty little sluts and Veronica is the new girl. Apricot tries to seduce sexy little Veronica who is easily led which is why she got herself into trouble and ends up at the Asylum. "Nurse" Bernadette comes to check on Apricot and finds them embracing, nude, and of course about to do a whole lot more. Angry Nurse B has plans to punish these two ladies for their lewd slutty behavior. They were sent to this institution to be cured of their promiscuous ways... not to encourage yet more slutty behavior! The miscreants are strapped, slapped on their naughty bits, and humiliated by Miss Bernadette. Apricot is also caned hard on her already sore bare bottom for being the instigator after trying to seduce Veronica. The two naked girls are sore from their punishments before Veronica is taken away to be locked up in isolation as Apricot is left alone to be dealt with again at a later date.

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Matters of Discipline

Mila and Violet have got themselves into trouble at school and a phone call home to confirm their behavior has been received by the irate parents. So upon returning home, the girls are told to go to Father's study to be dealt with the old-fashioned way. He tells them how very disappointed he is, then they are each taken over his lap for a hard hand spanking on the bare bottom. He takes matters of discipline very seriously. Mila is first to receive the bare bottom hand spanking, as a worried Violet looks on, then the roles are reversed. Their punishment in the library is far from over as each girl is given 6 strokes with the painful Family Strap. The girls are stood against the wall of imposing books, bottoms bared with hands behind their backs, to reflect on their beastly behavior like the naughty little girls they were.

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Every Liar Gets Caught

Miss Sky Terrapin is looking for a personal assistant and after going through all the resumes, she finds Ella. Ella's resume is perfect and it looks as though she has worked for many top names. However, these are all lies after Sky checks the references with phone calls. She invites Ella over to her house for what Ella thinks is a straightforward interview. Sky has other plans and confronts Ella about the obvious lies and tells her that unless she wants to be reported to the authorities, she will be dealt with and corrected the old-fashioned way. Ella hesitantly goes over Miss Sky's lap for a long overdue spanking. Ella is spanked with Sky's hard, unforgiving hand and is given correction on her bared buttocks which embarrass her further. This punishment is far from over, as Sky produces a wooden hairbrush and spanks Ella's bare, quivering globes of shame until they are red, swollen, and sore. She is left to nurse her aching bottom and is one very sorry young lady who won't be lying anymore.

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Selfish Brats Spanked

Rachel has been invited to stay over at Luci's place since they are best friends. They have both been asked - repeatedly - to keep the noise down in the bedroom since dad is downstairs with company. They ignore him since they want to have fun and continue having a pillow fight. This is very selfish behavior on their part and they will soon discover that there is a very real price to pay! Dad comes up and asks, "What part of keeping it down don't you understand?" They soon find themselves receiving an embarrassing bare bottom hand spanking over his lap in front of each other. That is followed by a leather belting as the brats are bent over the bed, cheek to cheek, as he swats their bared quivering buttocks until they are swollen in shame. They are two very sorry-looking girls left to nurse their aching red bottoms, feeling ashamed and learning that poor behavior has painful consequences.

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