Matters of Discipline

Mila and Violet have got themselves into trouble at school and a phone call home to confirm their behavior has been received by the irate parents. So upon returning home, the girls are told to go to Father's study to be dealt with the old-fashioned way. He tells them how very disappointed he is, then they are each taken over his lap for a hard hand spanking on the bare bottom. He takes matters of discipline very seriously. Mila is first to receive the bare bottom hand spanking, as a worried Violet looks on, then the roles are reversed. Their punishment in the library is far from over as each girl is given 6 strokes with the painful Family Strap. The girls are stood against the wall of imposing books, bottoms bared with hands behind their backs, to reflect on their beastly behavior like the naughty little girls they were.

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Every Liar Gets Caught

Miss Sky Terrapin is looking for a personal assistant and after going through all the resumes, she finds Ella. Ella's resume is perfect and it looks as though she has worked for many top names. However, these are all lies after Sky checks the references with phone calls. She invites Ella over to her house for what Ella thinks is a straightforward interview. Sky has other plans and confronts Ella about the obvious lies and tells her that unless she wants to be reported to the authorities, she will be dealt with and corrected the old-fashioned way. Ella hesitantly goes over Miss Sky's lap for a long overdue spanking. Ella is spanked with Sky's hard, unforgiving hand and is given correction on her bared buttocks which embarrass her further. This punishment is far from over, as Sky produces a wooden hairbrush and spanks Ella's bare, quivering globes of shame until they are red, swollen, and sore. She is left to nurse her aching bottom and is one very sorry young lady who won't be lying anymore.

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Selfish Brats Spanked

Rachel has been invited to stay over at Luci's place since they are best friends. They have both been asked - repeatedly - to keep the noise down in the bedroom since dad is downstairs with company. They ignore him since they want to have fun and continue having a pillow fight. This is very selfish behavior on their part and they will soon discover that there is a very real price to pay! Dad comes up and asks, "What part of keeping it down don't you understand?" They soon find themselves receiving an embarrassing bare bottom hand spanking over his lap in front of each other. That is followed by a leather belting as the brats are bent over the bed, cheek to cheek, as he swats their bared quivering buttocks until they are swollen in shame. They are two very sorry-looking girls left to nurse their aching red bottoms, feeling ashamed and learning that poor behavior has painful consequences.

Rude Reyna Reprimanded

Incorrigible Reyna has only gone and done it once again... her boyfriend, Ethan, is far from impressed with her latest misbehavior. They went out for a nice meal with his work colleagues and she was not only rude to him, but to the poor suffering wait staff as well. On their return home, he has a serious discussion with her about her disgraceful behavior yet again and says that this time the spanking will be much harder. She knows that this is the way things are dealt with in their relationship and after some bratting and pouting, accepts her fate. He takes his naughty girlfriend over his lap for a hand spanking, ensuring her panties are pulled down for a bare bottom correction. Ethan also has his trusty stinging leather paddle which he knows she dislikes intensely. After all, this is a punishment and rude Reyna gets everything her behavior deserves and she is one very sorry, sore-bottomed girlfriend, sent off to bed like the naughty brat she is!

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Spankings are the Best Treatment

Anastasia visits the school nurse claiming she is too sick to take her final exams and needs to go home. Of course, Nurse Samantha needs to ensure that poor Anastasia doesn’t have a fever... Heaven forbid! The best way, she says, is to take Anastasia’s temperature inside her bottom. Anastasia is shocked as she has never had a thermometer up her bum before. She agrees to this procedure since she is not prepared to take her exams but is absolutely humiliated at this procedure. The nurse is right, there is no fever at all... and she has the best treatment for girls who lie to get out of taking their exams; Spankings! Anastasia is already on all fours with her bare bottom exposed and is spanked by Nurse until her bare buttocks are nice and pink. Next, a leather paddle is applied to the sore pink bottom until it is an even darker shade of heated pink. Foolish Anastasia promises to never lie again about being sick and is sent back to take her examinations where she will find it even more difficult to concentrate sitting on her sore, spanked behind.

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Sunny Spanked Afterschool

Sunny has been sent home from school early as she was found out forging a signature on the permission slip for the field trip. The reason for the forgery is that Sunny knew she wasn't allowed to go since her grades were slipping and she hadn't been behaving at home. Dad is very upset and takes his naughty girl over the paternal lap for a very hard hand spanking. Then she has to go and fetch the Family Strap, shuffling off with her panties pulled down in shame, and return with it to ask him to strap her! She is placed over the couch, bottom stuck out... and given several mean swats of leather across her bare buttocks. By the end, poor Sunny is one very sore and sorry girl.

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Corrective Measures for Case

Case is lounging around in panties and a crop top when Johnny arrives home. She should know the House Rules by now and she is quickly reminded of them on his return: when she is in the Living Room or anywhere else in the house (besides the dungeon) she must wear appropriate clothing. Anyone could see her; The chef, housekeeper, or even other family members. Johnny is not happy at the state of her slutty attire for which the hired help could stumble across. He makes an example of his naughty girlfriend, taking her over his lap for a much-needed, corrective hand spanking discipline. her slinky legs draped across the couch and her reddening bottom do not distract Johnny from the task "in hand". Please welcome Case in her debut spanking performance on our sites... we are sure you will want to see more spankings of her soon!

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Kalaisha's School Spanking

Kalaisha has been sent to Principal Bernadette's office for starting a food fight in the cafeteria. This is not only un lady-like but it is against school rules. Kalaisha is given a stern talking to, the she is take over the lap for a hard spanking. Her bottom turns a deep shade of red. Principal Bernadette also uses the school's leather paddle which darkens the color of poor Kalaisha's bottom. After her spanking, she is told to stand in the corner for added humiliation.

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Spanking the Girl Next Door

Justin has caught Anna, the girl next door, smoking and throwing the cigarette butts over his fence for the last time. While smoking in his backyard once again, he confronts her. She shows disrespect and attitude which only fires up Justin even more. He takes her inside to his kitchen, bends her over the table and gives her a good hard spanking. Justin believes that Anna is not really learning her lesson so he removes her panties (and what little dignity she has left) continuing to spank her hard with his hands. She buries her face into the tablecloth and soon, Anna is very sorry and promises never to be this disrespectful to his property again. Before letting her leave, he informs her that he will be telling her parents and that he is sure they will be dealing with her in the same manner.

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Punished for Plagiarizing

Willow has been caught with essays that she found on the internet. Not only is she using these for herself, but she is selling them to other students. Miss Matthews is livid and invites her father in to discuss this with him. He is shocked and agrees to watch her receive corporal punishment at the hands of Headmistress. Miss Matthews gives Willow a good old-fashioned, over the knee spanking which Willow finds embarrassing since it is in front of her father. Further humiliation ensues when the knickers are pulled down and her bare bottom is spanked harder. Next, her plagiarizing palms are tawsed before being given a mean, no-nonsense 12 stroke caning to her bottom and backs of the thighs. This punishment leaves WIllow a sobbing sorry little girl who promises never to be cheating again.

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